Saturday, November 3, 2012


Usually for the month of November I try and state something I am thankful for and then give my reasons why.
So this year, with November approaching, I found myself a little frustrated because of how repetitive I felt my posts were. Of course, I'm always and forever thankful for my family, but coffee, hot showers and reading can probably get a little mundane if its the third year in a row I've posted about them.

So I looked around and thought about what I wanted to do. I really wanted to work Caderyn into the equation this year and really teach him the meaning of being thankful.
I stumbled across a lady's blog who, for her birthday, wanted to teach her children about being thankful.
After reading what they did I felt very inspired and decided to adapt/modify what she had done with her children into this month of thanks.

So, as much as we possibly can, we are going to not talk about what we are thankful for, but rather show people what we are thankful for.

Today was the first day of our Thankfulness Project.
This was pretty much how my conversation with Caderyn went this morning:
Me: Caderyn, we have so many people in our life we are thankful for, right?
Caderyn: Yep.
Me: Who is someone you are thankful for?
Caderyn: The mailman.
Me: Why are you thankful for the mailman?
Caderyn: Because he takes my mail and brings me packages from Mimi and Papa.

So I took that conversation and went with it.
Caderyn painted and decorated a picture for the mailman. I helped draw our house and then he dictated a note to the mailman.  
The note says: I'm thankful that you are here to take our mail and bring us our mail. I'm thankful that you help bring me presents from my grandparents.
Completely his own words, I just wrote them down.  
Then Caderyn (and his fierce looking dinosaur face) picked out 10 pieces of Halloween candy and put them in a baggie. Then he and I walked out to the mailbox and he put his note and the candy in the mail.
My goal in this project is to really try and teach Caderyn what it means to be thankful and to show him how lucky we are. I also want to encourage him to start giving back to others.


The McGregor Clan said...

Your such a good mom. Love this project. I wanna steal your idea. ;).

Sarah said...

Do it! I stole it from someone else! Let's start a movement!