Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Finally, after digging ourselves out of the blizzard that sidelined most driving for about two weeks and then recovering from ear and sinus infections, we finally got back on track with this project. I've decided to just extend it into December since November was kind of a bummer month for us.

Caderyn gets to choose what he is thankful for and what he wants to do to show how he is thankful. He decided he wanted to bring them cookies and make them pictures. He also made them a card that read:
Firemen- I am thankful for you because you help save the day and put out fires that make me cough.

We got to the fire station and caught the firemen in the middle of a meeting which they ccompletely stopped and invited Caderyn in to the room they were in. My three-year-old fearlessly marched into that room and stood in front of probably ten firemen and told them he was bringing them treats and pictures to show them he is thankful for what they do.
I'm such a sap and it was all I could do to not cry.
From there, Caderyn was pretty much the center of attention. All of the firemen escorted him out to the garage where they hung up his pictures and then one fireman grabbed him a plastic fire hat, another grabbed him a sticker, two escorted him over to the fire truck and let him sit in the driver seat, then two others showed him what everything on the fire truck did.
He asked them probably fifty questions and they answered every single one of them.
It was amazing.
And, of course, my phone died so this is the only picture I took of the whole thing.
Mom of the year, I tell ya.

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