Monday, December 31, 2012


2012. What a year! Here is a very shortened version of our 2012. It was very busy, but also very normal...if that's the right word.

January: Jeff quit working at the paper and returned to school full time to pursue his Master's Degree in Business Administration. He is also an active member of ROTC and will graduate an officer. I take on single parenthood during the week. I am about 14-16 weeks pregnant with the little Giblet and feeling pretty dang good. This month begins our separation of Jeff living in a different town during the weeks and coming home on the weekends.

February: Separate lives during the week. Pregnant. Evil sinus infection. Find out our baby is a boy! Caderyn has tubes put in his ears.

March: Still pregnant and growing. I turn 27 and Caderyn turns 3.

April: Jeff has spring break. Caderyn and I go to Phoenix for a week.

May: Still pregnant and madly trying to prepare for maternity leave and upcoming birth of the Giblet. Jeff finishes his first semester and has a job secured for the summer.

June: Still very pregnant and now swollen and have high blood pressure. Only ice cream can console. Jeff leaves for his AFT with the military, I forbid myself from going into labor until he gets back. Jeff turns 29 while gone. My parents get here and all is well. June 15, Jeff gets back and I go into labor. Yep. Mr. Gabriel arrives at 8:08 a.m. on June 16 and our lives are forever changed.

July: Gabriel turns one month old and goes on many trips to Idaho, the cabin near Darby, Missoula and Great Falls. Jeff works a lot. I sleep some. Caderyn adores having his grandparents here for the summer. I end up having to go back to work part time. My friend, Sarah, comes to visit from Hawaii and we pull off an amazing trek around MT which includes a trip called "Yellowstone on Crack."

August: Gabriel turns two months old. Jeff and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. My parents head back to Arizona. I work part time and on the days I am home, discover I would be a terrible stay at home mom. Jeff heads back to school and I start figuring out what parenting 2 children is like. I join Weight Watchers again.

September: I'm in a wedding, then its back to work full time. I establish a routine and realize that I have no life. Jeff gets an internship.

October: Pretty much the same as September. There is some sickness. I have no life. We go to Missoula for a super fun Halloween.

November: Our lives are: wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, out the door, daycare, work, home, eat dinner, and bed. More kid sickness and me sickness. We did Thanksgiving with Jeff's family.

December: Jeff completes a full year of school and prepares for his last year. He has an internship and a graduate assistant position (woohoo!). We spend Christmas and New Years in Phoenix with my family.

When you look at it like that, you realize how quickly a year can pass you by!
I am a little glad to see 2012 go because I know 2013 is OUR year. This is the year Jeff will finish school and figure out what he is doing. We will know if we move or if we stay and right now it is exciting because of the options we currently have within reach.
Caderyn will turn four, Gabriel will turn one. For my children in 2013, I want them to keep growing. I want them to be happy and continue to know the love they have in their lives. Caderyn will be playing soccer and probably t-ball. I am also thinking of enrolling him in gymnastics.
Jeff will turn 3-0 this year. He will also be gone most of the summer completing his ROTC Field Training Experience. When he returns from that, he will officially be an M4 Cadet and on track to graduate an officer. Woo! He will also find out next fall what the military will have him do in terms of specialty. He will find out where he is going and for how long. If it is 6 months or more, we will probably move with him for the duration of his training.
I will turn another year older in 2013 (obviously). For me, I really want to focus on getting rid of the baby weight and being healthy. I ran into a bit of a road block where I stalled on losing weight. For about a month, all I did was gain and it was frustrating when you are eating healthy and working out. Right before we left, I think I figured out what was the cause and now I am anxious to get back into my routine and hopefully lose the weight before summer. I want to try and continue to get my nails done at least once a month or maybe every other month. That's just something I like to do and it makes me feel a little better about myself :)  I want to continue to read more books and write a little every day.

So, 2013, we are ready for you.
I was going to do a picture review of the year, but since we're still in Phoenix, I don't have access to my pictures and will have to amaze you with them at another time.


Emi said...

High blood pressure during pregnancy can be so stressful- which of course can lead to even higher blood pressure. Important to try to take it easy.

Eden said...

At least the ice cream helped.