Friday, December 7, 2012

IPHONE LATELY 12.1--12.7

Huzzah! It be-ith Friday!
I am so glad this week is over. I'm glad it is Friday and I'm really glad we have no plans this weekend. Without any major commitments, it kind of feels like the sky is the limit!
Tomorrow I plan on staying in my pajamas for an extended period of time and then getting in a good solid hour at the gym.

Here is what our week looked like:
1. Family Pictures.
2. To get our tree up, we had to do some rearranging. I came to the startling conclusion that...we have kids.  
3. Caderyn was so super excited to finally be putting up our Christmas tree. He was very helpful. 
4. The finished product. 
5. Caderyn's letter to Santa.  
6. Tired guys. Gabriel was a little sickie poo last weekend.  
7. My boys.  
8. Superhero  
9. My poor, sick little bear went to the doctor. He's been out of sorts all week.  
10. But he is still a goofball. 
11. Caderyn's picture of the tree vs Mommy's picture of the tree. I like Caderyn's best.  
12. Thug life hat. Poor guy- just look at his face. He was so miserable.  
13. Battling my dog for control of the couch and the heating blanket. She's such a turd.  
14. Choosing an outfit that I felt belonged on The Jersey Shore.  
15. Quiet morning, pretty tree.  
16. Santa sent a special delivery and left it under our tree with a note.
His name is George Angry Elf, and, as Caderyn says, "He's so happy he's angry." 
17. Finally started to feel better around Thursday.  
18. Oh George, I can see you're going to get in lots of trouble.  
19. Gabriel has been very tired this week. He fell asleep in the rocking chair while I was making his bottle.
20. Oh George.

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