Monday, December 24, 2012


May your Christmas be merry and bright.
May it be filled with love, and, above all things, laughter!
Photo courtesy of Lisa Kunkel.
This picture has been a long time in the making. I was inspired by a hilarious photo I found on Pinterest and started chatting about it with my photographer friend Lisa about it.
It almost didn't happen.
I was tired and busy and a little camera shy, but Lisa was persistent and showed up at my house one night with wine, a sweater, and her camera.
Then the magic happened, as you can see :)


The McGregor Clan said...

This has provided a much needed laugh in my world. I think I need to print and frame this beauty to be pulled out during the holiday season. A reminder to not be so serious in life. :) Love you guys and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sarah said...

I aim to please ;) You are welcome to print it and make it a holiday staple in your household. I told JC I would make him a t-shirt for his birthday.
You know me, I aim to make people laugh more than anything.

We are with my family this year enjoying the sunshine. Santa was very, very good to us.
Miss you. Will we see you again soon or is the 2014 wedding the next time?

Emi said...

Would make a nice card.

Eden said...

It's a cool pic.