Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Since my last update, this is what I've read:
LOVE! But alas! What is this gal to do now that she's got at least a two years wait until the next book comes out? Part of me is glad for such a long wait because I invest so heavily (emotionally) in some of these characters and then Martin just crushes my soul by killing, maiming them, or turning them into creepy zombies. So one part of me is glad because I need a little break from all the drama, but the other part of me is like, "NO! I need to know now" and then I Google and read everything I could possibly find on the next book.
So I didn't know this when I got it, but this is a young adult book. I actually LOVED it and finished it in 2 days (that's a record for a single (ish) mom with two kids). It's about a girl whose father recently died and her mom up and moves the family to Michigan because she needs treatment for lung cancer (but she keeps that a secret). They move into a place across the street from a young guy who is raising his kid brother on his own after both of their parents were killed. It's a bit morbid. This guy and girl are really attracted to each other UNTIL, dun dun dunnnnnnnn they find out that he is a student teacher at her high school. An odd plot line, but I loved the book.
The sequel to Slammed. Yes, I am the person that liked the first one so much I went right ahead and bought this one immediately after finishing Slammed. Big surprise, I liked this one just as much and finished it pretty quickly. Same people, different story. A little bit more eye rolling. Some of these storybook relationships weird me out and this one had its moments but they weren't too terrible.
I read this for book club. It was...different, but good. The author's specialty is what is left unsaid and the mystery of the unknown/ speculation. It is a bit complicated to explain, but lets just say it involves a man who wouldn't die, a war ravaged eastern country, and a zoo tiger that escapes to the mountains. Lots of symbolism (my favorite) and lots of thinking.

What I'm reading right now and trying to finish by next week:

What's on Deck:
1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
2. Gone Girl Gone

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