Thursday, January 31, 2013


What I've Read:
Yes. Just bask in that glory for a second. In about four weeks, I read 10 books.
Over Christmas, I got hooked on the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.
I love it.
I have never laughed hard at one series.
Jeff kept getting annoyed because I would laugh out loud and then not tell him what I was laughing about.
If you haven't read any of these books yet, start it now.
I highly recommend them.
I will be heading to the library this week to get the 11th book.
Seriously: There is a scene in one of the books where one of the characters is being chased down the street by a bunch of stray dogs because she's got pork chops stuffed in her purse. Ha!
I also read these two books.
Personally, I liked these much better than the 50 Shades series. I thought they were better written and followed a better plot. A little dark, yes, but I liked the characters SO much better than the 50 Shades ones. Gideon Cross was a much better character to me than Christian Grey. And you know what, I don't care what people think of me for reading these books. I read each of them in like a day and then moved on. They were fast reads. 
This was a free book I got on Amazon. I actually really enjoyed it. It is about a gal named Theresa who tries to end her unhappy marriage, but then finds out her father and husband have created a contract that binds her husband to her until they have a son. She was a pawn in all of this, but her husband thought she was a part of the whole scheme. He has treated her terribly throughout their marriage because of this. But, when he finds out she is innocent, he starts to try and repair the damage he has done to their marriage and starts to truly fall in love with his wife. I read this in like a day. It was another one of those fast reads.
Currently reading:
I'm averaging about 3-4 pages a day with this book. I'm just really busy and if I try to read it at night, I fall asleep after one page. So I have been making myself read while I eat breakfast. I will finish this book by the end of February, I will, I will!
What's on deck:
1. Well obviously this.
2. And this--if I ever finish The Order of the Phoenix.
What I've Been Watching:
Love it.  
Freaked me out. I could only watch this during the day and with all the lights and window shades open in the house. It was really good, though. Very intense and intriguing. And just really messed up. 
Ugh. Gag me. Yes, I watched this. I forced myself to finish it. Awful. Just a load of crap.  
Not too terrible. I'm pretty much in love with Tom Hardy now.
I hated the ending.  
Loved the book. Loved the movie.  
Ugh. Again, I forced myself to finish this. Barf-tastic. Anyone else notice how sometimes Anna Farris can't close her mouth?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sunday was interesting.
Jeff left town for Missoula early in the afternoon to start his spring semester of grad school.
Him leaving wasn't as tough on me this time as it was this time last year. Then I was pregnant, overly hormonal, and just completely unsure of the whole situation.
Now, him being gone is easier. We keep our schedules packed during the week so Friday and Daddy will get here that much faster.
I know why he is gone, I accept it. I know it is for the better.
If I dwell on negativity during this time it will only make the separation harder on myself, the kids and Jeff. I just need to keep my eyes on the prize and recognize that Jeff only has one year of school left and, hopefully, that year will fly by. December 2013 can't get here fast enough!

So there I was on Sunday, sick and alone with both boys. I had lost my voice and the sinus pressure between my eyebrows was enough to crush a coconut (weird reference, huh?).
I put Gib down for his nap and announced to Caderyn that we were going to have some quiet time. There would be no television, but he could play with his toys, read books, color or play games. Then I made myself horizontally challenged on the couch and rested my poor sinus clogged head while I watched Caderyn play.

He created an epic fight between Lighting McQueen and a T-Rex that spanned a battle across both the dining room and living room. There were explosions, horrible screams of pain, car parts, and dead dinosaurs strewn all over carpet.
Every book he owned was taken off the shelf. He pretended to read, he called out letters he recognized and the sounds they made, and he did commentary on the pictures.
He painted a colorful fireman. I mean, that fireman was blue, and green, and red, and yellow and orange, and purple. The fireman looked like a friend of Rainbow Brite.
He colored in his Cars coloring book, dictating to me how Lighting McQueen was red and Mater was brown, and, did I notice how he stayed in the lines?

Then, after about an hour, he got bored. He wandered into his room and grabbed his blanket. He padded over to me and climbed up on to the couch where I wrapped him in my arms.
We sat there, he and I, in a quiet and cozy house listening to the sound of our heater humming and the snores of the corgi from the couch across the room.
I thought about how this was one of those moments where I wished time would stop. Where the picture of myself and the little boy snuggled close to my chest would just freeze forever.
I thought about this as I tickled his back, smooched the top of his head and every so often would tighten my grasp around him in a little love squeeze.
After about five minutes he fell asleep. The boy who hates sleeping feel deep asleep in my arms.
And I sat just sat there and held him for probably 45-minutes until Gib woke up from his nap.
I sat there and I snuggled my oldest child.

I was so glad I got that time with him.
Sometimes, our life is moving so fast I forget I need to just take a timeout and hold him.
Sometimes, Gabriel is screaming, dinner needs to be served, and my phone is ringing off the hook and I notice that Caderyn is left more and more to his own devices.

So I held on to that time with him, I savored that moment. His warm little body collapsed against me and the deep breaths of him slumber puffing softly against my arms. I held my oldest baby and tried, for that short time, to transfer as much telepathic love as I could in those moments before our hectic lives picked up again.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Going over what we are thankful for before bedtime.

Caderyn: Mommy what are some things you are thankful for?
Me: I am thankful for you.
Caderyn: I am thankful for you too. What else are you thankful for?
Me: The sun.
Caderyn: What else?
Me: The moon.
Caderyn: What else?
Me: The stars.
Caderyn: What else?
Me: Shoes.
Caderyn: What else?
Me: I'm thankful for books and beds and sleep and snuggles and food and family and snow and...
Caderyn: Mommy! You need to settle down!
Caderyn: What else are you thankful for?

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I weigh in on Fridays.
Here are my stats:

Lost: .6
Total loss: 17.2
How many more left to go: About 28 until I'm at my goal.

And you know what, even though it is not a huge number, I'm okay with that.
We had the three day weekend and I really wasn't a saint about eating healthy.
Once we got back from being out of town I was really good though and I was able to cram some workouts in Tues-Thursday.
Plus, the boys were both sick and then I was sick.
It is not a huge loss, but I will take it!
On to the next week!

Friday, January 25, 2013

IPHONE LATELY 1.18-1.25. 2013

I have lost my voice today and sound like a croaky dude. Or Kathleen Turner.
Here is our week in review:
1. Ice cream treats on Fridays.  
2. Gib snuggling with Grandpa Swan (also Gib) during our Great Falls visit last weekend.  
3. Caderyn and my Grandma doing coloring projects.  
4. We got some good visit time in with them.  
5. Look at that sexy senior picture! Look at that bang roll! 
6. In Great Falls, my mother-in-law and I took Caderyn to this big agriculture convention called the MAGIE. We were there for some time while Caderyn played on tractors and was fascinated with all of the machinery.  
7. Hello lover... 
8. Hello Tequila. One of our friends turned 30, so we went out to dinner and a bar after.  
9. Double headed calf from The American Bar in Centerville, MT.  
10. The Birthday Boy 
11. Gib squared 
12. Double fisting 
13. Lazy bum 
14. Back to the doctor we go with this guy.  
15. This has been a staple in my diet this week. A lot of good it did though! 
16. Splash-o-saurus Rex

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Caderyn is such a sweet, funny kiddo.
He loves to dance and when he does he kind of looks like a monkey. He swings his arms in huge circles and jumps and leaps about the room.
He loves to read books. Skippyjon Jones is currently the favorite in our house right now.
He loves to have movie time with Mommy and Daddy. Scooby Doo is currently at the top of his list.
He loves to stall...on everything. Getting dressed. Going to bed. Eating. He wastes so much time.
He has a fantastic imagination. He has started quiet play in his room and you should see the cities and scenarios he builds with his toys.
He has a mind like a sponge. Some of you may or may not know that we've recently had a mice problem in our house (gross, oh so gross). Last night as I was getting Caderyn's lunch ready for the next day, he came in and asked if the mice were all gone and how they kept getting in. We talked about this a little bit and then he said, "Well Mommy, I know the mice come inside our house because it gets so cold outside (he did a dramatic shiver to emphasize 'cold') so they can get warm. And then they make us go "Aaahhhhhh!" It's kind of scary how he picks up on things...especially the fact that his mom is a wimp.
He loves coloring, painting and puzzles.
He thinks it is funny to get your attention and then turn around and wiggle his bottom like a little puppy.
He got in trouble at daycare for telling spooky stories and scaring some of the other kids.
He is a very loving brother. He constantly showers his little brother with kisses and attention.
He is starting to give attitude to his mom.
He loves wrestling with his dad.
He likes going to the doctor. Weird. He asks on a weekly basis if he can go visit the doctor.
He puts great emphasis on being kissed, hugged, tucked in and snuggled before bed. I feel like if my parents are reading this right now, they are laughing and thinking "karma" because I was the same way.
Loves to show people how he can run and jump like a superhero.
Says "granilla bar" for "granola bar"
Says "cajuzzi pool" for "hot tub"
Says "speed lemon" for "speed limit"
Comes barrelling out of his room when he first wakes up and asks for a hug and then 1. wants breakfast or 2. wants to watch a cartoon.
Will eat one of two carrots on his plate and then casually drop the other one on the floor.
Loves to run.
Desperately wants it to be spring so he can go outside.
Thinks it is funny to let people know when he toots.
Thinks it is funny to try and blame the toot on someone or something else. Yesterday, he tooted in front of a little girl that was over at our house playing and he said, "Did you hear that? Those dinosaurs farted." Yep.
Loves helping and running dude errands with his dad and papa.
He is taller than most of his peers.
Has an infectious giggle.

He's a funny guy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Gibby makes the best faces of anyone I know.
Poor little guy is a sickie poo today. No fun!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm working on getting back on track to blast the baby weight away.
I weighed in today and lost 2.4 pounds.
Let's keep going!

IPHONE LATELY 1.11-1.18.2013

1. Just about the cutest little boy I know right now!
2. Please, tell me how rough your life is...
3. I got a couple hours out with a friend on Friday. We went to the brewery and had some beer (yay!) and then went and had enormous ice cream sammies from The Big Dipper. Totally worth it.
4. Gib's not too sure about those green beans.
5. My silly child. He gets out of bed continually before he finally falls asleep. Look like he fell asleep mid-escape.
6. Caderyn doing P90X with Daddy.
7. Gib got tubes put in his ears on Monday morning. He wasn't quite sure of everything that was going to go down.

8. Poor Gibby trying to wake up from the anesthesia.
9. Senor Fuzzy Head.
10. My sweet 7-month-old.
11. Caderyn got his hands on my phone. He took some creative pictures and then some pictures of himself.
12. I was a colorful jamboree yesterday! Purse, coat, skirt!
13. Chocolate colored mani
14. Hmmm peaches for the first time. What's the verdict?
15. And my heart expands!