Friday, January 11, 2013


Part One:
To set you all up for this conversation, when I was four I got attacked by a Dalmatian. My mom was walking my brother and I around the block one summer evening.The dog attacked for no apparent reason, If I can remember it correctly, I think the dog was just sitting on the front step. He charged and bit me severely on my right butt cheek. I remember looking at his angry face when he bit me, I remember pain and I remember screaming and there was a lot of blood. I remember I had to go to the hospital. It was kind of traumatic, I guess, but I still love dogs--except for Dalmatians. Also, yes, I do have some scars.

Also, I don't use this blog as a vessel for religion. I am religious, I share certain things about that and we share our religion with our children. I'm not using my writings to try and change your religious views (I mean, come on, I write about poop and farting). I try to approach every person and life situation with an open heart and mind. Keep this quote in mind: "Whatever G/god we believe in, we come from the same one."

Caderyn: All dogs like me.
Me: You have to remember to be nice to dogs, but also very careful. Not all dogs are nice.
Caderyn: What?
Me: Well, when Mommy was your age she got bit by a mean dog.
Caderyn: You got bit?
Me: Yes, on my bottom (see the above story if you are confused) 

Then we talked more about my dog experience and how some dogs are nice and others are angry. Then Caderyn asked what happened to the dog after he bit me and I explained that the dog had to leave our world because he was too angry and that hurting other people was not okay.

Caderyn: Did the dog go to heaven?
Me: He probably did.
Caderyn: Will we go to heaven?
Me: Yes. God loves us and gives us all choices in life to be good people. As long as we are good and kind, we will go to heaven.
Caderyn: And we will go to heaven because Jesus was on the cross for us?
Me: Jesus sacrificed himself for all people. He wanted to right their wrongs and give them new life to better themselves. So, yes, he died for us.
Caderyn: Was Jesus on the cross because that mean dog bit your butt?
Me: No, Jesus went to Heaven a long time ago.
Caderyn: I'll bet that mean dog didn't make it into Heaven.

Part Two:
Just getting everyone caught up. Here are pictures of our week.
1. Giblet the Hut
2. Caderyn goofing off on a chilly, stay-at-home morning
3. Someone played so hard at school they fell asleep on the drive home
4. Montana blizzard (p.s. it is still snowing today)
5. Playing with Daddy while waiting to get 6-month shots.
Look what Gib can do

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The McGregor Clan said...

I bet that do went to doggy hell. I'm with Caderyn on that one. hahaha! I was chased by a Schnauzer as a child and I remember being terrified. He didn't even bite me. I am still terrified of all dogs. Amazed that you still love dogs.