Thursday, January 10, 2013


I remember the days when I actually had an interesting life and the night was just beginning at 9:00 p.m. Now, by 9:00 p.m., the kids are in bed and I'm already halfway there after a full day.
In Phoenix, our days were full of parent/grandparent time, relaxation, eating and the occasional activity thrown into the mix. We didn't do anything crazy, it was just a really nice, low-key vacation. Therefore, none of my vacation pictures are overly interesting and mostly involve either my dog or the kids. Jeff and I got lots of time to just read and relax (thanks Mom and Dad!). We did activities, but my most favorite part of this whole trip would be each night after the boys were asleep we would all play games or lounge on the couch watching a movie. It was nice to just be together. Photo dump!

We borrowed the in law's minivan for our trip (glorious of all glories!) and so Jeff took Caderyn with him to pick it up and I had a night all to myself with these two cuties. Gib and I flirted, Lucy rolled in deer pee and got a bath. Much fun was had by all...except Lucy, she pouted.
We started off on our trip making GREAT time. That didn't last much longer  when outside of Salt Lake a blizzard hit. The roads were treacherous and it was a white out. Being that we are awesome and from Montana, we foraged on, but holy cow are other drivers stupid! There were so many wrecks and crazy people all over and so many trucks throwing ice chunks as big as the van tires onto the road that we pretty much just decided to stop that first night in Cedar City. I'm glad we did because the next morning you should have seen all of the overturned vehicles and vehicles that had slid off the road and gotten stuck. It was chaotic.
1. Whiteout
2. A stark contrast
3. Climbing anyone?
We did a trip to the McCormick Train Park in Scottsdale. We went early and caught the regular train ride and then stayed for the Christmas Express.
1. Walking around the park. Caderyn was so excited he pretty much levitated around the park.
2. Caderyn the Elf
3. So excited for the train ride.
4.Waiting to get on the train.
5. He might not have liked it, but Taylor rode the train.
6. Look at the excitement on that face!
7. Look at the happiness on these faces.
8. Waiting for the Christmas Express.
9. A pensive moment before the ride.
10. A not so pensive moment before the ride.
There was lots of snuggle time.  
Except when we were forced to watch A Christmas Carol for the billionth time.
Christmas Eve we went to church and then had some family friends over for dinner and a White Elephant gift exchange before the night settled down and Santa came to visit.
1. The Bailey Family
2. Uncle and nephew
3. Tired
4. Santa came!
5. Caderyn was way too excited to sit still for a picture.
6. Some of the aftermath.
Hiking and sleeping happened in the days to follow
We took the kids to Zoo Lights at The Phoenix Zoo and then went out for pizza at Oregano's--a Phoenix staple!
1. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.
2. A good night!

Gib ate his first solid food
He still prefers his fingers.

General cuteness

Lucy liked all of the extra attention
New Year's Eve was spent at home lighting off small fireworks and watching Lucy cower under chairs.
We had the Bailey's over on New Years Day for a nice dinner and then we loaded up the van to leave the next day.
Pretty much the best cake EVAH
None of us wanted to go home. Including Lucy.

Especially when your trip home starts with 30 minute delays.

And now we are home. We miss my parents and brother, but it is nice to get back into the routine of life and healthy eating.
While on vacation I took a total of  2 naps, read 8 books, and had countless good treats to eat and drink.

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