Thursday, January 24, 2013


Caderyn is such a sweet, funny kiddo.
He loves to dance and when he does he kind of looks like a monkey. He swings his arms in huge circles and jumps and leaps about the room.
He loves to read books. Skippyjon Jones is currently the favorite in our house right now.
He loves to have movie time with Mommy and Daddy. Scooby Doo is currently at the top of his list.
He loves to stall...on everything. Getting dressed. Going to bed. Eating. He wastes so much time.
He has a fantastic imagination. He has started quiet play in his room and you should see the cities and scenarios he builds with his toys.
He has a mind like a sponge. Some of you may or may not know that we've recently had a mice problem in our house (gross, oh so gross). Last night as I was getting Caderyn's lunch ready for the next day, he came in and asked if the mice were all gone and how they kept getting in. We talked about this a little bit and then he said, "Well Mommy, I know the mice come inside our house because it gets so cold outside (he did a dramatic shiver to emphasize 'cold') so they can get warm. And then they make us go "Aaahhhhhh!" It's kind of scary how he picks up on things...especially the fact that his mom is a wimp.
He loves coloring, painting and puzzles.
He thinks it is funny to get your attention and then turn around and wiggle his bottom like a little puppy.
He got in trouble at daycare for telling spooky stories and scaring some of the other kids.
He is a very loving brother. He constantly showers his little brother with kisses and attention.
He is starting to give attitude to his mom.
He loves wrestling with his dad.
He likes going to the doctor. Weird. He asks on a weekly basis if he can go visit the doctor.
He puts great emphasis on being kissed, hugged, tucked in and snuggled before bed. I feel like if my parents are reading this right now, they are laughing and thinking "karma" because I was the same way.
Loves to show people how he can run and jump like a superhero.
Says "granilla bar" for "granola bar"
Says "cajuzzi pool" for "hot tub"
Says "speed lemon" for "speed limit"
Comes barrelling out of his room when he first wakes up and asks for a hug and then 1. wants breakfast or 2. wants to watch a cartoon.
Will eat one of two carrots on his plate and then casually drop the other one on the floor.
Loves to run.
Desperately wants it to be spring so he can go outside.
Thinks it is funny to let people know when he toots.
Thinks it is funny to try and blame the toot on someone or something else. Yesterday, he tooted in front of a little girl that was over at our house playing and he said, "Did you hear that? Those dinosaurs farted." Yep.
Loves helping and running dude errands with his dad and papa.
He is taller than most of his peers.
Has an infectious giggle.

He's a funny guy.

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The McGregor Clan said...

Definitely a cool kid. I love the 'mispronounced' words. I never correct them unless they ask. I grieve when they start saying the words the right way. James is calling my dad, "Geepaw" which is so cute. Alana called him "Ganpa." I was so sad when she got it right calling him Grandpa.