Friday, January 18, 2013

IPHONE LATELY 1.11-1.18.2013

1. Just about the cutest little boy I know right now!
2. Please, tell me how rough your life is...
3. I got a couple hours out with a friend on Friday. We went to the brewery and had some beer (yay!) and then went and had enormous ice cream sammies from The Big Dipper. Totally worth it.
4. Gib's not too sure about those green beans.
5. My silly child. He gets out of bed continually before he finally falls asleep. Look like he fell asleep mid-escape.
6. Caderyn doing P90X with Daddy.
7. Gib got tubes put in his ears on Monday morning. He wasn't quite sure of everything that was going to go down.

8. Poor Gibby trying to wake up from the anesthesia.
9. Senor Fuzzy Head.
10. My sweet 7-month-old.
11. Caderyn got his hands on my phone. He took some creative pictures and then some pictures of himself.
12. I was a colorful jamboree yesterday! Purse, coat, skirt!
13. Chocolate colored mani
14. Hmmm peaches for the first time. What's the verdict?
15. And my heart expands!

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