Friday, January 25, 2013

IPHONE LATELY 1.18-1.25. 2013

I have lost my voice today and sound like a croaky dude. Or Kathleen Turner.
Here is our week in review:
1. Ice cream treats on Fridays.  
2. Gib snuggling with Grandpa Swan (also Gib) during our Great Falls visit last weekend.  
3. Caderyn and my Grandma doing coloring projects.  
4. We got some good visit time in with them.  
5. Look at that sexy senior picture! Look at that bang roll! 
6. In Great Falls, my mother-in-law and I took Caderyn to this big agriculture convention called the MAGIE. We were there for some time while Caderyn played on tractors and was fascinated with all of the machinery.  
7. Hello lover... 
8. Hello Tequila. One of our friends turned 30, so we went out to dinner and a bar after.  
9. Double headed calf from The American Bar in Centerville, MT.  
10. The Birthday Boy 
11. Gib squared 
12. Double fisting 
13. Lazy bum 
14. Back to the doctor we go with this guy.  
15. This has been a staple in my diet this week. A lot of good it did though! 
16. Splash-o-saurus Rex


Sara said...

If you guys are in great falls around harvest you should take a day trip up to havre and the boys can ride on a combine!

Sarah said...

Ohhh! Sara when is harvest? Caderyn would flip! He would love to do that and probably love to help. He is a little helper dude and loves tasks.