Monday, January 14, 2013


Disclaimer: Caderyn has been SO SO GOOD lately. He hardly ever gets in trouble. So, these moments are now very few. He really is a good boy :) Look at how sad his little face is in this picture. It just breaks my heart. Look at how swollen his little eyes are from crying (he gets that from me). About 10 seconds after this picture was taken he was fine and up and playing after apologizing for the screamfest.
Santa and George the Angry Elf have finally removed their "Eye of Sauron" away from our home for the year.
Vacation time with Mimi and Papa is over.
Snowfall has blocked us from going outside and cabin fever is in full effect.
What is a boy to do? Oh, what is a boy to do?

He throws a pretty awesome temper tantrum, of course.

It is cold outside and the witching hour is upon our house.
You're watching your one allotted cartoon show while your mom quickly whips up an amazing culinary concoction of grilled cheese sammies.
Halfway through your 20 minute show, you decide you don't want to watch it anymore.
Because you don't want to watch it anymore means that you should be able to choose another show to watch and start it from the beginning.
Right?! Perfectly logical.
What's wrong with your mom?
Doesn't she understand the metaphysics of cartoon watching?
Doesn't she understand this simple equation:
1 cartoon < / (+) < 1cartoon
(or: one cartoon that is less than great can be removed and another great cartoon can take its place)
So you start whining, which your mom ignores.
Then your mom tells you its time for dinner and tv time is over and
From that moment on you unleash the loudest screams of anger that send the meth deer in our yard scrambling for the hills.
And you know what makes it worse?
Your mom doesn't do anything.
She tells you to come and sit down for dinner and then she sits down to eat...without you.
So you kick up your screaming another notch and get your baby brother in the screaming mix.
That'll show her!
But no.
You mom calmly gets up from the table, tells you your behavior is disrespectful and walks you to your room for time out.
You kick your legs furiously and flail your arms.
No amount of screaming and crying will break her.
After a few minutes you calm down, your face is swollen from crying and you let your Mom know you're ready to talk.
Mom comes in and reminds you that our world does not revolve around television and your behavior cost you any more tv privileges for that night.
She reminds you there is still dinner to be eaten and then tells you that after your baby brother goes to bed, you can color, read books, or play a game with Mommy.

You choose coloring.

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