Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Oh Gib.
Seven months already?! How quickly time flies when you're having fun.
Some stats
Hair: Still changing constantly. Most days it is brownish-blonde and then one day you wake up and it is auburn.
Eyes: Blue
Cheeks: Very kissable
Dimples: One on the left cheek
Teeth: none, but we are very optimisitic.
Chins: At least three.
Weight: 18 lbs of love
Length: 26 inches

Likes: Sucking your two fingers on your right hand. Being held and moving. Kicking your legs. Babbling loudly. Blowing raspberries. Saying, "Ma ma ma" and "Da da da" and "Ba ba ba" over and over. Laughing. Holding toys and smashing them against something. Your big brother. Your mommy. Your daddy. Your fingers and toes. Being silly. Eating in general...except for green beans (you're still not sure about those). Snuggling in bed with mommy. Interactive playing. Being tickled, you are very ticklish. Singing.
Dislikes: Being sick. Tummy time. Being alone. Teething. Green beans. Your high chair. Bibs.

Your FAVORITES: Eating. Making noises of all kinds. Mommy and Daddy. Playing with Caderyn in the morning. Being held outward and kicking your legs as fast as they will go. Tubbies.
NEW: Eating squash, green beans and apples (baby food). Trying a little bit more to sit up on your own. Rolling around more. So much more verbal. Extremely hand/eye coordinated. Trying to vault yourself off the changing table when you're upset (scares me to death).

Still working on: Sitting up alone and rolling. You just really like to be held. Solid foods. Sleeping through the night.
Gib had tubes put in his ears on Monday. Hopefully this will minimize the amount of ear infections he keeps having and he will be less miserable.
Gib barfed all over me on Friday after I tried and tried to coax him into eating rice cereal and green beans. He kept gagging and I kept trying until BOOM! He projectile vomited all over me. It was lovely.
He is trying to vault himself off of his changing table now. I will lay him down and he gets ticked and pushes with all of his might and either jumps or scoots himself over the edge. It freaks me out and I'm hovering and holding him constantly. Stinker.
My favorite time of the day is in the morning on the way to daycare. Caderyn likes to sing to Gib or try and do funny things to make him laugh. I love listening and watching those two interact.
Oh Gibby.
I love seeing how you are growing and developing, but it breaks my heart to see how quickly it is happening.
You have brought so much joy to our family and together, with your brother, have taught me more about a love that I never knew existed.
To the very depths of my soul, to the very tips of my fingers and toes, I am yours.

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