Tuesday, January 8, 2013


While we were in Phoenix, Gib turned six months. 
Now we are back and he is almost seven months, crazy.
Here is an update on my little dude. 

Hair: brownish, blondish, auburn??? It changes constantly. 
Eyes: Blue
Cheeks: Very kissable
Dimples: One on the left cheek
Teeth: ZERO, but we are hopeful one pops through soon to minimize the puddles of drool.
Chins: At least three. 

Likes: Being held. Smashing toys. Waving your arms. Smacking things. Screeching. Blowing raspberries. Babbling. Kicking your legs. Stretching your legs. Grabbing your feet. Playing with your fingers. Talking to your hands. Talking to your feet. Seeing your bottle. Eating in all forms. Being silly. Being ornery. Snuggling. Sucking your two fingers on your right hand--constantly. 

Dislikes: The booger sucker. Being sick.  Having your face wiped. Sitting in a wet diaper. Being put down when you're not ready to be put down. Being cold. Having gas. Being on your tummy.

Your FAVORITES: Blowing raspberries. Eating. Seeing mommy. Seeing your bottle. Eating from your bottle. Having your big brother make you laugh. Being tickled. Sucking your fingers.

NEW: Eating solids (rice cereal and squash). Having trouble pooping because of those additional solids (gross). Babbling so much more and saying "ba ba" and "da da" (but with reference to nothing in general).

Still working on: Rolling, you don't really like to roll. 
Sitting up on your own. You are getting stronger, but still can't sit unattended.
Sleeping through the night. It has yet to happen. You got down around 7:30 p.m. and usually wake up around midnight. 

Oh Gib. You are a very bright light in all of our lives. 
I cannot believe it has already been six months since your birth. 
Every time I look at you I smile.
With both you and your brother in my house, my heart expands a little more each day with the love I feel for you both.
You got lots of special Mimi and Papa time in Phoenix over Christmas.

Eating rice cereal for the first time.


Your fingers are still tastier.

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