Thursday, January 31, 2013


What I've Read:
Yes. Just bask in that glory for a second. In about four weeks, I read 10 books.
Over Christmas, I got hooked on the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.
I love it.
I have never laughed hard at one series.
Jeff kept getting annoyed because I would laugh out loud and then not tell him what I was laughing about.
If you haven't read any of these books yet, start it now.
I highly recommend them.
I will be heading to the library this week to get the 11th book.
Seriously: There is a scene in one of the books where one of the characters is being chased down the street by a bunch of stray dogs because she's got pork chops stuffed in her purse. Ha!
I also read these two books.
Personally, I liked these much better than the 50 Shades series. I thought they were better written and followed a better plot. A little dark, yes, but I liked the characters SO much better than the 50 Shades ones. Gideon Cross was a much better character to me than Christian Grey. And you know what, I don't care what people think of me for reading these books. I read each of them in like a day and then moved on. They were fast reads. 
This was a free book I got on Amazon. I actually really enjoyed it. It is about a gal named Theresa who tries to end her unhappy marriage, but then finds out her father and husband have created a contract that binds her husband to her until they have a son. She was a pawn in all of this, but her husband thought she was a part of the whole scheme. He has treated her terribly throughout their marriage because of this. But, when he finds out she is innocent, he starts to try and repair the damage he has done to their marriage and starts to truly fall in love with his wife. I read this in like a day. It was another one of those fast reads.
Currently reading:
I'm averaging about 3-4 pages a day with this book. I'm just really busy and if I try to read it at night, I fall asleep after one page. So I have been making myself read while I eat breakfast. I will finish this book by the end of February, I will, I will!
What's on deck:
1. Well obviously this.
2. And this--if I ever finish The Order of the Phoenix.
What I've Been Watching:
Love it.  
Freaked me out. I could only watch this during the day and with all the lights and window shades open in the house. It was really good, though. Very intense and intriguing. And just really messed up. 
Ugh. Gag me. Yes, I watched this. I forced myself to finish it. Awful. Just a load of crap.  
Not too terrible. I'm pretty much in love with Tom Hardy now.
I hated the ending.  
Loved the book. Loved the movie.  
Ugh. Again, I forced myself to finish this. Barf-tastic. Anyone else notice how sometimes Anna Farris can't close her mouth?


B, in the Great Funkk said...

OH my American Horror story... The contortionist guy from here was on CSI. I didn't sleep for a week. Literally. AND I stopped wathing CSI that very day. I think the writers are the same guy or something but man oh man!

Sarah said...

wait...who was he? which one was he? there were so many charcters!the opening sequence to the show is probably what creeped me out the most.