Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sweet little Gibbles.
8 months already?

Hair:  Most days it is brownish-blonde. You have these adorable super long strands of hair that stick straight up off the top of your head. It reminds me of Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch cartoon and her two little strands of hair sticking up.
Eyes: Blue
Cheeks: Very kissable
Dimples: One on the left cheek
Teeth: TWO. On the bottom.
Chins: At least three.
Weight: 19
Length: 28 inches

Likes: Sucking your two fingers on your right hand. Being held and moving. Kicking your legs. Hearing your voice: screeching, screaming, laughing, singing. Blowing raspberries.: Good lawd child! You are the raspberry king! Your favorite word on repeat is "Da da da" as loud as you possibly can screech it.  Laughing. Holding toys and smashing them against something. Your big brother. Your mommy. Your daddy. Your fingers and toes. Being silly. Eating in general. Snuggling in bed with mommy. Interactive playing. Being tickled, you are very ticklish. Singing. Sitting up. Flirting. Bouncing in your bouncer.  

Exhibit A: Blowing Raspberries
Dislikes: Being sick. Tummy time. Being alone. Teething. Rolling over.

Your FAVORITES: Eating. Making noises of all kinds. Mommy and Daddy. Playing with Caderyn in the morning. Being held outward and kicking your legs as fast as they will go. Tubbies. Sitting up. Toys.

Exhibit B: Noisy, noisy!
NEW: Eating most baby food. Trying to hold your bottle on your own. Sitting up on your own. Pushing the entire upper portion of your body up off the floor during tummy time. Very verbal and noisy. Hand eye coordination is fascinating to you. Temper tantrums and screaming super loud when you don't get your way.

Still working on: Rolling. You aren't really interested. But you can sit up on your own! Sleeping through the night. Mom's forgotten what it is like to sleep through the night.
You have found your little "man part" (if you know what I mean) while playing in the tub. It is currently your favorite toy...
You love it when people pay attention to you. Absolutely love it.
You are a silly goose and love goofing with your brother.
I think you will be a soccer player because you LOVE to kick your legs and pound your feet on the ground.
When Daddy is home on the weekends, you can't stop looking at him. Your changing table faces our bed and the second I put you down to change your diaper you are looking and straining your neck trying to get a glimpse of Daddy sleeping in the bed.
You have this look on your face like you just can't wait to get into everything and make messes.

Gib, we are slowly closing in on the last few months of your babyhood. It makes me so very sad. But it also makes me proud. You are growing and thriving and doing something new each and every day. We all love you and are very protective of you. I wish you could see and remember your brothers face when he sees you each morning. I wish you could remember how excited he gets when he makes you laugh.
We love you more than words can express. Keep growing my son!


The McGregor Clan said...

The squealing! I forget when a baby realizes they have a voice, they are soooo loud!! :). Ezekiel is screecher, too. I wish we lived closer and could watch those babies scream at each other.

Unknown said...

Such adorable pics - love the videos :-)

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