Friday, February 1, 2013

IPHONE LATELY 1.25--2.1.2013

FRIDAY! So glad to see this one! First week back without the husband and I made it! I might have slept on the couch every night this week to keep from waking my children with my coughs, but I made it!
To celebrate and reward myself, I am going out tonight for a little bit. I have saved up all week for my beer and that one beer is going to taste SOOOO good. I don't drink or eat sweets during the week at all, but I get to reward myself on Fridays (as long as Jeff agrees to watch the boys, which he usually does).
Here is our week in review:
1. Saturday night we had some friends over for a little game night. Caderyn snapped pictures of his little lady friend on the couch, we played Apples to Apples, and then Lucy cozied up to our friend Kevin and brainwashed him with her devil eyes.  
2. Gib and I flirted on Sunday 
3. Caderyn actually fell asleep while snuggling with me. This. Never. Happens. I was excited.  
4. Gib and I had some really good heart to heart chats at 2:30 a.m.  
5. Lucy tried to fight the vacuum cleaner. She lost.  
6. If Gib is in his bouncer first thing in the morning, this is what Caderyn does. It's odd, but I love it. I think Gib's face is hilarious, he's like, "What the heck is touching my leg?" 
7. The one time this week Gib ate solid food for me without throwing a huge screaming fit.  
8. Teething stinks.  
9. My buddy.  
10. My Gibby is starting to sit up! 
11. My favorite red boots 
12. My friend Lisa gave me this photo yesterday. I have wanted this picture for three years and yesterday it became MINE. I love it.

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