Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Strep throat and colds visited our house this weekend.
So I am behind on a lot of posts. We will start with this peek at our last couple of weeks.

Friday treat= cannolli. YUM
The only picture I took of the Dining Out we had to go to for the military last weekend. This was the band, and then I danced a lot.
Someone's two bottom teeth FINALLY popped through the gums. 
Mr. Dapper Bow Tie 
So happy to have teeth.  
Zee luffff bike
Caderyn got in trouble at daycare for coloring all over the walls in crayon. He lost television privileges and had to write an apology note. This is what he told me to write...word for word.  
Modeling a new outfit my mom got me for Christmas.  
Nail decisions are serious business. I went with Shake It Til You Samba.  
Just hanging out in my duckie tub. No biggie.  
Woe is me.  
Tired and teething 
My lunch date on Friday.  
If you look super close you can see his bottom teeth all shiny and new.  
Some friends came to town on Friday night and I got to go out for a much needed drink and some laughs.  
This dog finally got a bath.  
Strep throat and cabin fever= jammies all day! 
Someone found his little ding-a-ling and sure likes it. He refuses to let it go during his tubs.

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