Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Bathroom photo shoot what what?
I weigh in on Fridays.
Here are my stats from my last weigh in:
Lost: +1.0
Total loss: 18
Yep. I gained.
It wasn't because I didn't track what I ate or start consuming junk food. Nope. I am super strict about what I eat during the week.
I started off last week being sick. I got that weird norovirus thing that was going around. Most people might think this would help them lose weight, but my body is weird. Instead of losing weight when I'm sick, my body seems to hold on to weight.
I experience the same thing when I breastfeed. Who ARE those women who can lose the weight so fast and claim its that they are nursing. Not me. Nope.
So I was sick and my body decided it didn't want to lose the weight. C'est la vie.
Because I was sick, I was also only able to work out twice that week.
So that probably didn't help either.
But you know what, it's okay. It is just one pound.
This week is a new week.
Anything can happen.

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