Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The top of my head is missing!!!

I weigh in on Fridays.
Here are my stats from my last weigh in:
Lost: 0.8
Total loss: 18.8
It wasn't as large a number as I had hoped, but I'm okay with it. It is still a loss.
I had another really good heart to heart with the instructors at Weight Watchers, and, as usual, they helped to boost my spirits.
I told them I just felt like I've been in a rut and stuck between 188 lbs and 186 lbs. It has been going back and forth between these numbers for a month now.
Oh lord, now you all know my weight.
This happened with my Caderyn weight loss too. It kicked into high gear once I changed my diet.
I'm not sure what I should be changing right now. I don't do sugar,  I work out a ton and I am being so good and conscious of what I am eating and doing.
*Le sigh*
But its okay. I just need to stick with it and my hard work will pay off, right?!

I am going to try and switch up some of my meals this week. I'm going to eat more protein and greens and see if that has any effect on my weight this week.

I just want to fit into my skinny jeans DANG IT! They are hollering my name in the closet.

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