Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Let's just start with what I have read:
Everyone ready for this one........................
BAM! I finally finished this! I really kicked it into high gear these last two weeks and read about a chapter or two each night once the boys were asleep.  
Read this book for my book club and I really liked it. It takes place in the late 1800s in a fictional Jewish village. I really loved the way Nattel wrote. The whole book read like a beautiful conversation that follows four women whose lives are forever entwined. Multiple events in the books are told over and over from different peoples viewpoints. It was just so interesting! I have never read a book like this before, plus, there was a lot of symbolism. Which I love! I would recommend it! 
And then there are these. Love 'em. This series is one of my favorites!
Currently reading:
On deck:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm pretty sure in some way or another everyone has heard about the rape trial in Steubenville . Or, if you're from Montana, perhaps you followed the Jordan Johnson rape trial, like me.
I followed both trials closely (being a former journalist), reading as much as the social media would give me. I tried to take a neutral stance and make my own conviction of each case based on the defense/prosecution presentations.
There were times when I found myself frustrated, horrified, angry, doubtful and just plain sad.

I have not been raped or had any kind of sexual abuse, but so many aspects of each of these stories tugged on my heart strings.
I have been intoxicated to the point where I've blacked out and not remembered half of the night, only to be filled in on bits and pieces of the night later. I have been ruffied before by a guy in a bar and had to be carried home and watched over. When I look back on those moments of my life, I am very thankful I have such responsible friends and an obvious higher power watching out for me.
I have been in situations that could have gotten ugly very quickly. But they didn't.

I do know people and close friends who have been raped and are victims of sexual abuse. I have listened to their struggles and tried my best to be there when they need someone to talk to.
So why am I bringing this up?
After all of my reading on these cases was exhausted, I would find myself continually thinking about how the cases unfolded and what it meant for future young men and women. I would be at the gym on the elliptical thinking about it, I would be grocery shopping, or even up at 3:00 a.m. thinking about these cases.
I am a mother. I am a mother of boys. I am a mother of two boys.
And now I'm going to get on my soapbox:
As a mother, it is my job to teach my boys about respect.
Respect for themselves. Respect for their family. Respect for people; whether they be good/bad. And, above all things, respect for women.
It is my job to make them respectable human beings.
My job to encourage, not demand, abstinence.
My job to encourage, not demand, religion and focus on them having good minds and hearts.
My job to drill into their minds that alcohol and girls NEVER EVER mix.
My job to let them know that television, the media, and Internet portrayals of females, males or relationships whether they are debuted as healthy or unhealthy are NEVER what you try and base your life on.
My job to teach them that they are not above the law, and to be righteous and good in all aspects.
My job to drill into their minds to treat every single person they meet the same way they, themselves would want to be treated.
My job to teach them between right and wrong.
My job to teach them not to give into peer pressure.
My job to encourage them to be their own individuals, unique and intelligent.
My job to encourage them to find a woman or man who is their equal, and to love and respect them.
My job to show them positive love and encouragement each day to model after.
My job to let them know they should also expect respect from their family, their friends, their wives or partners.

It takes a lot of work to be a parent.
You're not doing you job if you aren't encouraging your children to be the best people they can be each and every day.
Our kids need to have supervision and guidance. Heck, I still go to my parents for guidance.
If we, as parents, don't step up to the challenge of trying our hardest each and every day to positively influence our children, then I am fearful of our future.

Teach your kids, boy or girl, about respect.
Teach them by setting a positive example.

I am a mother of two boys. Two boys who will hopefully grow up to be amazing young men. 

Monday, March 25, 2013



I weigh in on Fridays. Here's what last week held for me.

Lost: +.6
Total loss: 22 lbs

Oh well. It's not a huge gain. This week will be better. I had book club one night and even though I was good, I still feel like that piece of bread I ate might have pushed me over...or maybe it was the Girl Scout cookie.

It's a new week and I plan on losing before Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013


This week felt like suuuuuuch a looooong week. Jeff finally gets to come home for the first time in a month, and I think just knowing that little bit of information made the week drag.
So, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. We were pretty busy and the boys sure kept me hopping.
Also, please note there are no pictures of Caderyn. Man that kid was Challenging this week with a capital C. So I didn't take any pictures of him because most of them would have involved him whining or crying or being sprawled out on the floor. Sheesh. It's like he is four going on thirteen.
Lord save me.
My talking buddy while Caderyn is at gymnastics. 
My new running/.workout shoes Jeff got me for my birthday. They're so pretty! 
Being goofy after the bath. Doesn't it look like I'm biting my phone? It does, when in reality I was just making silly faces at Gib in the mirror. On a side note, look at the glorious mad scientist hair I've got going on.  
Imagine being super tired and on your way to work when all of the sudden you look up and this is facing you. It played tricks on my mind and I might have shrieked a little when I thought for a second there was a truck headed straight towards.  
Mr. Bubbles 
Check out his cool bath time hairdo.  
Rooster hair!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Remember when my Giblet was just a tiny, ornery little guy?
Seriously, this kid is the cutest thing EVER.
July 2012

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hair: Now it is more blondish-brown and every so often you have hints of red that pop out. Your hair has gotten so long and sits just above your ears.
Eyes: Blue
Cheeks: Very kissable. You have a consistently dry patch of skin on your right cheek from where your thumbnail scratches while you suck on your two favorite fingers.
Teeth: TWO. On the bottom. More are coming in.
Weight: 20
Length: 29 inches

Sucking your two fingers on your right hand.
Being held.
Kicking your legs and squealing.
Being in your bouncer and bouncing until you can bounce no more.
Hollering and squealing; basically anything that has to do with making yourself heard. 
Maintaining your reign as the raspberry king.
Making new sounds.
 Your big brother.
Your mommy.
Your daddy.
Being silly.
 Eating in general. You love all food and most times we can't get it into your mouth fast enough.
Snuggling in bed with mommy.
Interactive playing.
Being tickled or tossed in the air.
Sitting up. Sitting up and reaching for something.
You like your bedtime. A lot. And your bottle.
Tub time.

Being tired. Oh you are SO cranky when you go off schedule.
Being ignored.
Sore bottoms. Some new food introductions has made your bottom a little sore lately.
Tummy time that exceeds three minutes. You throw a mini-temper tantrum and in doing so have also started scooting yourself backwards.
Waiting for your bottle to be made. You know it's coming and you just can't stand it!
Waiting for food to get in your mouth.
Waiting for anything in general.
Rolling over
Scooting backward and starting to turn yourself when you are on your tummy.
Separation anxiety. But only a little. I'd be lying if I didn't say this didn't make my heart swell just a little. You like me! You really like me!
Imitating faces. Yesterday you and I stood in front of the mirror for five minutes and made faces back and forth to each other. You thought it was so funny!
Getting upset when a toy gets taken away.
Social personality. You love flirting and watching people.
You have mastered the cute head tilt.
Reaching for an object when you are sitting.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Some people came over to the house yesterday to pick something up and Caderyn was just fascinated.
I had to send him out of the room because he kept getting underfoot.
This is our conversation that took place after our guests had left.

Caderyn: Mommy, why did you send me out of the room when those people were here?
Me: Because they were here to get something and you were in the way and I didn't want you to get stepped on.
Caderyn: But Mommy, they needed to meet me.
Me: Oh? Why did they need to meet you?
Caderyn: Because I'm a boy.
Me: Why does being a boy make you so special?
Caderyn: Because I'm a cute boy.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I weigh in on Fridays. Obviously I am late, but I rushed out of town on Friday before I could post any updates.
Here are my stats from my last weigh in:

Lost: 1.0
Total loss: 22.6 lbs

Super excited about this one, especially because I had taken the week before off to give myself a "birthday break."


This post is usually out on Fridays, but I got swamped with a sick kid, getting my kids ready to go to their grandparents for the weekend and then getting myself out of town for a much needed weekend free of kids. I slept in until 8:30 a.m. like every day!
Here is a peek at our lives from the last week and a half.
Our birthday boy enjoying a family party and some Howard's Pizza in Great Falls.  
Very excited for cake and singing.  
Raspberries in the tub.  
Quick tub and picture at Mema and Papa's before hitting the road back home.  
Smiley guy eating his birthday breakfast.
This kid LOVED his birthday loot. He got about six books, the Hulk, dinosaurs, some games, new clothes and lots of art supplies.  
His breakfast audience the day after his birthday.  
When is my birthday, Mom? 
Caderyn broke the health streak our family was having. He ended up with the croup and the start of an ear infection on Friday.  
Enjoying my weekend off with my husband. Getting breakfast at Bagels on Broadway in Missoula.  
Beer with friends.   
University of Montana.  
Lady Griz Championship game and the celebration after they kicked butt.  
Men's Big Sky Conference Championship. Both teams are going to the dance!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


'Cause now this kid is FOUR and we will have to call it, "It's Tough Being Four."
But this happened before he was four, when he was still three.  
Boldness be your friend!
Sometimes you are getting a little too big for your britches these days, especially when your mom makes you something you don't want to eat for dinner.
It was a dark and winter night just last week.
It was one of those nights that called for Mac N' Cheese.
You had requested it when we got home and your mom set about making this delectable delicatessen for your taste buds while you went to wage war against villainous dinosaurs.
Dinner was made, the table was set and your mom finally got to sit down when you decided Mac N' Cheese wasn't good enough for your taste buds.
You wanted ice cream for dinner.
Ice cream for dinner! How preposterous! How perfectly logical! What better proof than this demand for frozen, sugary goodness to affirm that you are, indeed, your mother's son.
But mom said, "No."
And yet you persisted.
You begged. You pleaded. You demanded.
But mom stood firm.
Your pleas fell on deaf ears.
So you switched gears and started crying big crocodile tears. 
Tears turned into screams.
And screams turned into a flat out refusal to eat.
And you know what was the worst part of all? Your mom wouldn't do anything.
She just kept telling you in a normal voice that 1. You had lost your television privileges for that night 2. You now had to finish your entire dinner 3. No dessert.
Oh and then she gave you the ultimatum, you either stopped this tantrum and started to eat, or you could go and sit in your room.
You screamed so loud you scared your little brother...what a baby...and soon found yourself sitting on your bedroom floor in the "time out spot" that you despise.
By the beard of Zeus how angry you were!
You sprawled yourself on your bedroom floor. You kicked your legs, you flailed your arms, you cursed the heavens.
You said stuff like, "I don't want you around me, you make me sad," to your mother.
Broke her heart a little.
At one point you calmed down only to get horribly upset again and called out in a panic, "Mommy, help me! My nose won't work!"
Your nose had clogged with snot from all of your crying.
But no amount of screaming or tears could move your mother.
You would come out to try and reason, but she would just look at you and ask, "Are you ready to finish your dinner now?"
And you let her know that multiple times.
So you just ended up sitting in timeout for a total of 45-minutes while your mom ate her dinner, fed your brother and got him bathed and ready for bed.
You sat and you sat and you sat.
And finally, miracle of all miracles, you began to calm down.
You began to realize you were tired and you were also very hungry.
So you ambled out to the living room where your mom calmly asked again if you were ready to eat your dinner.
And then you sat down to polish off every cheese covered noodle on your plate.
Then you got ready for bed and read no less than five books.
It's tough being three, but we survived!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It's common knowledge that I absolutely love my dog.
Sure, she can be a brat.
She can throw up and poop in the house on occasion.
She can chase deer and squirrels and then roll in their excrement.
She can ignore me for 20 minutes and run away from me when I try to get her inside.
But I love her.
Oh how I love her!
Lucy turns five today.
She is no longer a spry young thing, but a wizened lady with knowledge of the...yard (is that how a dog sees its world?).
Gooser, Lucifer, Lucious Malfoy, Fluffy LaRoux.
We love you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My sweet, stubborn child.

Four years ago today you came into our lives.
Your entry into this world was a fiery storm of anticipation, drama, and adoration.
Your 22 hour labor and dramatic birth left us exhausted, fearful, and then, very soon, we found ourselves in awe.
Caderyn, my first born, my battle ruler.
You made me a mother.
In these four years you have shown and taught me so many things.
Isn't that funny? As a parent, it is my duty to teach you and guide you through life. And yet, each and every day I find that you teach me more about myself and the world we live in.
I have never appreciated my life so much as I have since the day you arrived.

You made me give up my body selflessly and have to learn to love it all over again in its changed form.
You have shown me a new level of life where going out, partying, and living selfishly shrink in comparison to spending time with you and making you happy.
You make me laugh, a true, deep belly laugh.
You are so silly and goofy.
You ask such significant questions, "Like why do some kids like to take off their clothes?" or "Why do you want privacy when you go potty, Mommy?" or "Why can't I feed my baby brother milk like a mommy?"
You have such an imagination. Your focus this week has been hiding under my laundry basket and pretending to be a turtle.
You have a voice. Yesterday you made up a song about "Caderyn the hero who saved all of the dinosaurs" and one of my favorite verses went like this : Oh he is Caderyn/ He saves the dinosaurs/ Like the stegosaurus who has spikes/ And brontosaurus who is tall/ Caderyn saves them with all of his might.
You have dance moves. We frequently have dance parties before bed time. You can shake and groove like no other four-year-old I know.
You are so loving. You adore your baby brother (sometimes too much) you love being around him, talking to him and making him laugh.
You love decorating for holidays. You and mommy set out Easter decorations this week and mommy is constantly finding them arranged somewhere else or in another manner.
You love giving kisses and hugs.
You are probably more stubborn than your father and I put together and it drives me crazy.
You have a temper and have started telling me 'No' more frequently which just lands you in the time out seat. You hate the time out seat...good.
You adore your grandparents and great-grandparents. You love it when people come over to visit.
You have hair that NEVER goes down.
You love coloring and trying anything artistic.
You are currently a pretty big help around the house.
You love books and puzzles and anything that deals with trains, cars, monster trucks, dinosaurs or cooking.
You call electricity, 'Lexi-trickity" and magnetic "mack-neckit" and you still can't say the word "speed limit," you call it "speed lemon."
You love traveling, but not coming home.
You can count up to 50 by yourself.
You can recognize every letter and the sound it makes. You are starting to sound out words and I know you will be reading by the summer (hooray!).
You LOVE getting gifts of all kinds or special events where we do something out of the norm.
You love running and gymnastics and are anxious to play soccer again this spring.
You are learning about jokes. Mommy taught you a Knock Knock Joke, and now you make up you own jokes. Here is one you tried on your dad yesterday when we were Skyping:
You: Knock Knock
Dad: Who's there?
You: Diaper
Dad: Diaper who?
You: Orange you glad I didn't say baby wipe?

You are anxious to connect with kids your own age and are thoughtful and generous to your friends.
You are tall. SO tall. Everyone who meets you comments on how tall you are. You are the same height or taller than most five-year-olds we meet.
You like having picnics.
You like having purpose in your day and ask for an order of what we are doing for the entire day usually the second you get out of bed.
You are sensitive to the fact that your Dad is not around right now, and you do not recover as quickly when he leaves.
You try my patience so much, so much. Sometimes I wonder how much more I can handle and then you always push me a little further.
You love your family with all of your heart and want nothing more than to be around them.

Caderyn, you bring more light and laughter to our lives each and every day. Our lives were not complete and lacked true purpose until your arrival.
Thank you for making your father and I parents. Each day you teach us about love, patience, and challenge us to inwardly and outwardly want to be good people for you and the world around us.
Excited for your birthday this morning after Mommy and Gib sang to you.

Here is a little birthday interview I conducted:

Me: Caderyn, what is your favorite color.
Caderyn: Red.
Me: Why?
Caderyn: Because it's like blood and Lightning McQueen (internally, I'm am going whaaaaaaaa?)
Me:What is your favorite food?
Caderyn: Ice cream
Me: Why?
Caderyn: I like getting chocolate and orange and it is so tasty.
Me: What is your favorite book?
Caderyn: Cupid  (a search and find book) and Berenstein Bears.
Me: What is your favorite movie?
Caderyn: Scooby Doo.
Me: Who is your best friend?
Caderyn: I like Karsten.
Me: Who is your favorite person?
Caderyn: Mema and Papa and Mimi and Papa.
Me: Do you like being a big brother?
Caderyn: Uh huh because it is so much fun. It is good and really good.
Me: What is your favorite holiday?
Caderyn: I like summer. Because it is when the sun is out.
Me: Where is your favorite place to go?
Caderyn: The Science Center.
Me: What is your favorite animal?
Caderyn: A dinosaur.
Me: If you could be a dinosaur what would you be?
Caderyn: A Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Me: Why?
Caderyn: Because dinosaurs are cool.
Happy Birthday Buddy!