Monday, March 4, 2013


Today I am 28.
Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, another part shudders, and a third part of me rolls my eyes and keeps on going.

Twenty-seven was a good year for me.

In my 27th year I:
  • Learned that I was capable of sacrificing myself for the greater good. We sent Jeff off to school and I was, and still am, alone during the weeks while I work, parent, and housekeep.
  • Delegated my time more evenly to what was really important.
  • Started to take steps back and understand that I really couldn't do everything, and sometimes, staying at home with your children on Friday nights is more fun.
  • Reached a new level of understanding in my marriage with Jeff. Marriage is tricky business sometimes and it takes work. I feel that he and I try very hard to meet each other on all levels and better ourselves for our family and each other. We don't always agree, and being apart during the weeks is extremely difficult, but we keep moving forward toward our December goal of graduation.
  • Gave birth to a 7 lb 12 oz little boy in June. It was amazing and a delivery that left me ecstatic and satisfied in my ability to have children! Gibbles is a dream.
  • And with the birth, became a mother of two. Having two children truly made me a mother.
  • I became an aunt for the first time!
  • Read more.
  • Got to see my family more (thank you maternity leave).
  • Challenged myself to be more patient and understanding.
  • Challenged myself to talk to God more and trust that He is guiding me toward the right path.
  • Challenged myself to laugh more--no problem there.
  • Worked on organization. Especially in budgeting.
  • Traveled more. I went to Phoenix twice, visited family in Idaho, spent time up at family cabins and made it to my friends wedding in Billings. Plus, there were multiple trips to Great Falls and Missoula.
  • Became so very thankful to live near family and friends. Montana is my home and I think we are going to be here for a very long time.
  • Reached new levels of appreciation and understanding with my body. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this year. I also began another weight loss journey, which I am still working on today. I am thankful my body is strong enough to give birth to healthy children and then works (works being the key word here, because MAN does it take work) on shrinking and being healthy.
  • Have become more of a proud mother hen as Caderyn has played soccer, is learning gymnastics, tapped into his artistic side more and is in the beginning stage of reading!
  • Learned more about patience, picking the right battles, empathy and love.
Twenty-seven was a wonderful year.
I have high hopes that twenty-eight will be just as great!
Look at what I've done so far!
And to add a shameless plug, aren't my family pictures AMAZING? If you live in the Montana area call my friend, Lisa.

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