Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My sweet, stubborn child.

Four years ago today you came into our lives.
Your entry into this world was a fiery storm of anticipation, drama, and adoration.
Your 22 hour labor and dramatic birth left us exhausted, fearful, and then, very soon, we found ourselves in awe.
Caderyn, my first born, my battle ruler.
You made me a mother.
In these four years you have shown and taught me so many things.
Isn't that funny? As a parent, it is my duty to teach you and guide you through life. And yet, each and every day I find that you teach me more about myself and the world we live in.
I have never appreciated my life so much as I have since the day you arrived.

You made me give up my body selflessly and have to learn to love it all over again in its changed form.
You have shown me a new level of life where going out, partying, and living selfishly shrink in comparison to spending time with you and making you happy.
You make me laugh, a true, deep belly laugh.
You are so silly and goofy.
You ask such significant questions, "Like why do some kids like to take off their clothes?" or "Why do you want privacy when you go potty, Mommy?" or "Why can't I feed my baby brother milk like a mommy?"
You have such an imagination. Your focus this week has been hiding under my laundry basket and pretending to be a turtle.
You have a voice. Yesterday you made up a song about "Caderyn the hero who saved all of the dinosaurs" and one of my favorite verses went like this : Oh he is Caderyn/ He saves the dinosaurs/ Like the stegosaurus who has spikes/ And brontosaurus who is tall/ Caderyn saves them with all of his might.
You have dance moves. We frequently have dance parties before bed time. You can shake and groove like no other four-year-old I know.
You are so loving. You adore your baby brother (sometimes too much) you love being around him, talking to him and making him laugh.
You love decorating for holidays. You and mommy set out Easter decorations this week and mommy is constantly finding them arranged somewhere else or in another manner.
You love giving kisses and hugs.
You are probably more stubborn than your father and I put together and it drives me crazy.
You have a temper and have started telling me 'No' more frequently which just lands you in the time out seat. You hate the time out seat...good.
You adore your grandparents and great-grandparents. You love it when people come over to visit.
You have hair that NEVER goes down.
You love coloring and trying anything artistic.
You are currently a pretty big help around the house.
You love books and puzzles and anything that deals with trains, cars, monster trucks, dinosaurs or cooking.
You call electricity, 'Lexi-trickity" and magnetic "mack-neckit" and you still can't say the word "speed limit," you call it "speed lemon."
You love traveling, but not coming home.
You can count up to 50 by yourself.
You can recognize every letter and the sound it makes. You are starting to sound out words and I know you will be reading by the summer (hooray!).
You LOVE getting gifts of all kinds or special events where we do something out of the norm.
You love running and gymnastics and are anxious to play soccer again this spring.
You are learning about jokes. Mommy taught you a Knock Knock Joke, and now you make up you own jokes. Here is one you tried on your dad yesterday when we were Skyping:
You: Knock Knock
Dad: Who's there?
You: Diaper
Dad: Diaper who?
You: Orange you glad I didn't say baby wipe?

You are anxious to connect with kids your own age and are thoughtful and generous to your friends.
You are tall. SO tall. Everyone who meets you comments on how tall you are. You are the same height or taller than most five-year-olds we meet.
You like having picnics.
You like having purpose in your day and ask for an order of what we are doing for the entire day usually the second you get out of bed.
You are sensitive to the fact that your Dad is not around right now, and you do not recover as quickly when he leaves.
You try my patience so much, so much. Sometimes I wonder how much more I can handle and then you always push me a little further.
You love your family with all of your heart and want nothing more than to be around them.

Caderyn, you bring more light and laughter to our lives each and every day. Our lives were not complete and lacked true purpose until your arrival.
Thank you for making your father and I parents. Each day you teach us about love, patience, and challenge us to inwardly and outwardly want to be good people for you and the world around us.
Excited for your birthday this morning after Mommy and Gib sang to you.

Here is a little birthday interview I conducted:

Me: Caderyn, what is your favorite color.
Caderyn: Red.
Me: Why?
Caderyn: Because it's like blood and Lightning McQueen (internally, I'm am going whaaaaaaaa?)
Me:What is your favorite food?
Caderyn: Ice cream
Me: Why?
Caderyn: I like getting chocolate and orange and it is so tasty.
Me: What is your favorite book?
Caderyn: Cupid  (a search and find book) and Berenstein Bears.
Me: What is your favorite movie?
Caderyn: Scooby Doo.
Me: Who is your best friend?
Caderyn: I like Karsten.
Me: Who is your favorite person?
Caderyn: Mema and Papa and Mimi and Papa.
Me: Do you like being a big brother?
Caderyn: Uh huh because it is so much fun. It is good and really good.
Me: What is your favorite holiday?
Caderyn: I like summer. Because it is when the sun is out.
Me: Where is your favorite place to go?
Caderyn: The Science Center.
Me: What is your favorite animal?
Caderyn: A dinosaur.
Me: If you could be a dinosaur what would you be?
Caderyn: A Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Me: Why?
Caderyn: Because dinosaurs are cool.
Happy Birthday Buddy!

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