Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hair: Now it is more blondish-brown and every so often you have hints of red that pop out. Your hair has gotten so long and sits just above your ears.
Eyes: Blue
Cheeks: Very kissable. You have a consistently dry patch of skin on your right cheek from where your thumbnail scratches while you suck on your two favorite fingers.
Teeth: TWO. On the bottom. More are coming in.
Weight: 20
Length: 29 inches

Sucking your two fingers on your right hand.
Being held.
Kicking your legs and squealing.
Being in your bouncer and bouncing until you can bounce no more.
Hollering and squealing; basically anything that has to do with making yourself heard. 
Maintaining your reign as the raspberry king.
Making new sounds.
 Your big brother.
Your mommy.
Your daddy.
Being silly.
 Eating in general. You love all food and most times we can't get it into your mouth fast enough.
Snuggling in bed with mommy.
Interactive playing.
Being tickled or tossed in the air.
Sitting up. Sitting up and reaching for something.
You like your bedtime. A lot. And your bottle.
Tub time.

Being tired. Oh you are SO cranky when you go off schedule.
Being ignored.
Sore bottoms. Some new food introductions has made your bottom a little sore lately.
Tummy time that exceeds three minutes. You throw a mini-temper tantrum and in doing so have also started scooting yourself backwards.
Waiting for your bottle to be made. You know it's coming and you just can't stand it!
Waiting for food to get in your mouth.
Waiting for anything in general.
Rolling over
Scooting backward and starting to turn yourself when you are on your tummy.
Separation anxiety. But only a little. I'd be lying if I didn't say this didn't make my heart swell just a little. You like me! You really like me!
Imitating faces. Yesterday you and I stood in front of the mirror for five minutes and made faces back and forth to each other. You thought it was so funny!
Getting upset when a toy gets taken away.
Social personality. You love flirting and watching people.
You have mastered the cute head tilt.
Reaching for an object when you are sitting.

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