Thursday, March 7, 2013



I am still basking in my birthday glow. Twenty-eight isn't so bad. I got spoiled! I got money for a plane ticket I'm saving up to buy, some new workout clothes and movies, a few gift cards and lots of sweet, sentimental cards. I gifted myself (yes, I buy myself gifts) a pair of sparkly green TOMS and a cleaning lady for the month of March.

I'm pretty impressed with myself. On Tuesday I was able to avoid projectile vomit. Said vomit was travelling in my general direction and on course to completely cover me from head to toe, but I used my super sweet cat-like reflexes and dodged the spray. It proceeded to cover a completely plastic surface, making my clean up very easy.

I am also pretty impressed with the fact that I got Caderyn to each a smoothie...three days this week. Every time he asked for more the "evil mother" in me just laughed and laughed in that weird crazy-person laugh I hear inside of my head sometimes when I've tricked my children into doing something right.
You know...
WHOA! Look at that. I used my first .gif.

Currently, I am wanting to read more than watch television.

Currently, I have been enjoying my birthday week and taking a break from worrying about what I eat all of the time and working our for a certain amount of time each day. It felt good to have seconds for dinner last night and to eat the bag of peanut M & M's my mom put in my birthday box. Those things are my FAVE.

Currently, I have found myself getting very anxious and restless. I want a house of my own. I want to decorate it as I see fit. I want to see our bank account grow as we save money. I want a yard for my children to play that is private and meth deer free. I am ready to settle.

Other parents, do you ever notice how some things come out of your mouth that make you shake your head in disbelief? For example, some phrases I have noticed myself saying this week: "We keep the spit in our mouth, Caderyn." or "We probably shouldn't be naked around people who don't know us very well."

Last night my child threw an hour long temper tantrum. So, you know what that means? Oh yeah, another rendition of "It's Tough Being Three" will be on here soon! But about this temper tantrum, I have challenged myself this year to not match the screaming and yelling. Sometimes, as a parent it is TOO easy to find yourself screaming and yelling right along with your child. I have challenged myself to remain calm and talk at normal level. Last night was one of the nights when I tested it out and I have to say I was pretty much stress free about the whole thing. Sure, Caderyn was upset, but he was the one who wouldn't eat his dinner. But, I stuck to my guns on the discipline and once the issue was resolved I wasn't exhausted or stressed at all! Usually after a temper tantrum I am wiped out, but I think my good demeanor had to do with the fact that I stayed pretty even keel during the storm.
Just something to think about.

I could really go for a cupcake right now. Duh.
Also, I got all of this wine and champagne for my birthday but I have NO ONE to drink it with. What am I going to do?

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