Friday, March 1, 2013


Not gonna lie, this post is kind of depressing.
I didn't get to post last Friday because the boys were so sick, and that pretty much sums up my pictures.
The boys were sick.
I mean look at this kid. You can just tell he doesn't feel well! He kept getting upset on the car ride home from daycare because his "eyes weren't working" and "they keep closing." And then he fell asleep with a big ole' frown on his face. 
Super sick, but smiley after multiple breathing treatments.
This is what I look like after maybe three hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.  
Lucy got slightly neglected and went to dramatic heights to showcase her thirst and hunger.  
BACK to the doctor for the 5th time this month.  
Elmo is dead.  
This guy is finally starting to turn around and feel and sleep a little better.
Caderyn was super excited for Show and Tell this week. He took his huge T-Rex and then a special picture of he and Jeff and Caderyn was brand new.
It was so sweet.  
My most favorite picture of the whole entire week.  
Mom of the Year here.
I took Caderyn to Burger King for dinner last night.
I hate fast food, but I caved hard last night because I had no motivation to cook.
He scarfed his meal and then played on the play place super hard for like 30 minutes.
Then he barfed everything he ate in the back of my car.
It was such a great way to end our month.
I am hoping for a great weekend.
It is my birthday weekend after all ;)

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