Friday, March 22, 2013


This week felt like suuuuuuch a looooong week. Jeff finally gets to come home for the first time in a month, and I think just knowing that little bit of information made the week drag.
So, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. We were pretty busy and the boys sure kept me hopping.
Also, please note there are no pictures of Caderyn. Man that kid was Challenging this week with a capital C. So I didn't take any pictures of him because most of them would have involved him whining or crying or being sprawled out on the floor. Sheesh. It's like he is four going on thirteen.
Lord save me.
My talking buddy while Caderyn is at gymnastics. 
My new running/.workout shoes Jeff got me for my birthday. They're so pretty! 
Being goofy after the bath. Doesn't it look like I'm biting my phone? It does, when in reality I was just making silly faces at Gib in the mirror. On a side note, look at the glorious mad scientist hair I've got going on.  
Imagine being super tired and on your way to work when all of the sudden you look up and this is facing you. It played tricks on my mind and I might have shrieked a little when I thought for a second there was a truck headed straight towards.  
Mr. Bubbles 
Check out his cool bath time hairdo.  
Rooster hair!

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