Thursday, March 14, 2013


'Cause now this kid is FOUR and we will have to call it, "It's Tough Being Four."
But this happened before he was four, when he was still three.  
Boldness be your friend!
Sometimes you are getting a little too big for your britches these days, especially when your mom makes you something you don't want to eat for dinner.
It was a dark and winter night just last week.
It was one of those nights that called for Mac N' Cheese.
You had requested it when we got home and your mom set about making this delectable delicatessen for your taste buds while you went to wage war against villainous dinosaurs.
Dinner was made, the table was set and your mom finally got to sit down when you decided Mac N' Cheese wasn't good enough for your taste buds.
You wanted ice cream for dinner.
Ice cream for dinner! How preposterous! How perfectly logical! What better proof than this demand for frozen, sugary goodness to affirm that you are, indeed, your mother's son.
But mom said, "No."
And yet you persisted.
You begged. You pleaded. You demanded.
But mom stood firm.
Your pleas fell on deaf ears.
So you switched gears and started crying big crocodile tears. 
Tears turned into screams.
And screams turned into a flat out refusal to eat.
And you know what was the worst part of all? Your mom wouldn't do anything.
She just kept telling you in a normal voice that 1. You had lost your television privileges for that night 2. You now had to finish your entire dinner 3. No dessert.
Oh and then she gave you the ultimatum, you either stopped this tantrum and started to eat, or you could go and sit in your room.
You screamed so loud you scared your little brother...what a baby...and soon found yourself sitting on your bedroom floor in the "time out spot" that you despise.
By the beard of Zeus how angry you were!
You sprawled yourself on your bedroom floor. You kicked your legs, you flailed your arms, you cursed the heavens.
You said stuff like, "I don't want you around me, you make me sad," to your mother.
Broke her heart a little.
At one point you calmed down only to get horribly upset again and called out in a panic, "Mommy, help me! My nose won't work!"
Your nose had clogged with snot from all of your crying.
But no amount of screaming or tears could move your mother.
You would come out to try and reason, but she would just look at you and ask, "Are you ready to finish your dinner now?"
And you let her know that multiple times.
So you just ended up sitting in timeout for a total of 45-minutes while your mom ate her dinner, fed your brother and got him bathed and ready for bed.
You sat and you sat and you sat.
And finally, miracle of all miracles, you began to calm down.
You began to realize you were tired and you were also very hungry.
So you ambled out to the living room where your mom calmly asked again if you were ready to eat your dinner.
And then you sat down to polish off every cheese covered noodle on your plate.
Then you got ready for bed and read no less than five books.
It's tough being three, but we survived!

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