Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am a big stickler for routine.
Always have been.
I like having a set schedule. For everything. My day to day. My work. My vacations.
I live for routine.
On a daily basis at work I make lists for myself. On a weekend basis I have a list that I add to and cross stuff off of. For example, on my weekend list "Vacuum out the car" has been on there for nearly two months. I finally crossed that off on Friday.

When we got pregnant with Caderyn, I was terrified about not being able to establish a routine.
And then, in my 8th month of pregnancy, someone introduced me to a book called, "Babywise."
This book explains the importance of routine and walks you through an easy to follow system for getting your baby on routine and sleeping longer spurts at night.
This book is what really helped me, a person who lives for routine, maintain and adapt to being a new parent.
Now, this isn't how everyone does it--and that's okay! I actually tried to follow their example schedule EXACTLY and ended up having to modify it a bit to make it my own.
That's okay too. This is just a rough schedule for you to follow and make your own.

I don't think I would be where I am today without this schedule. I might have lost my mind.

To basically sum this whole book up: Babywise emphasizes parent-led scheduling to set a routine for your child. Your child will be happier knowing what to expect, they will also be happier and more adaptable when you do go off schedule. You will be happier because you have a set routine and are probably getting more sleep than you expected. Parents decide when baby eats (to a point), is awake and then goes down for a nap/bed while still awake.
This helps  to establish the routine and also teaches the child to self soothe. 

Here is an example of my newborn schedule with Gabriel:
6:00 a.m.: Nurse 30-45 minutes. He goes back down until 8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.: Nurse 30-45 minutes.
8:30-9:30/9:45: Awake and play time.
10:00 a.m.: Change diaper, swaddle, snuggle and put baby down awake for nap with some sort of music, fan, or another soother.
12:00: p.m. Up from nap, nurse for 30-45 minutes
12:30 p.m.-1:30/1:45 p.m.: Awake and play time
2:00 p.m.: Change diaper, swaddle, snuggle and put baby down awake for nap.
4:00 p.m. Nurse 30-45 minutes
4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Awake and play time
6:00 p.m. Bathe baby and get ready for bed and nurse baby for 30 minutes to an hour
6:45/7:00 p.m.: Put baby down for night

Gabriel would always wake up sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. to nurse again. He would be put right back to bed after nursing and sleep until 6:00 a.m.

Now, this changes as your children grow.
Caderyn was very easy to put on a routine and started sleeping through the night at 6-months.
Gabriel is a little bit more stubborn. Sometimes he sleeps through the night while other nights he still gets up for a bottle.

His routine looks like this now, as of April 30, 2013:
7:00 a.m. Awake, diaper change and breakfast
7:30-9:30 a.m.: Get dressed and ready for day, play, go to daycare, play
9:30-11:00 a.m.: Nap time
11:00 a.m. Lunch
11:30-1:30p.m.: Play
1:30 p.m-3:30/4:00 p.m.: Nap
4:00 p.m. Bottle
415-5:30: Pick up from daycare, get home and snuggle
5:30 p.m.: Dinner
6:00-7:00 p.m. Bath, play, get ready for bed
7:00 p.m. Bottle
7:15/7:30 Bedtime

Last night Gib got up at 2:00 a.m. for a bottle and needed a diaper change.

Now some things to add to this:
*This schedule might seem rigid to some people, but as any parent should know, nothing really ever goes as planned. It is just nice to have it established. I would say 5 out of the 7 days of the week we hit our schedule pretty dead on.
*When I nursed my kids, they only wanted to stay on about 30-45 minutes. Other people may find they need more or less time. Again--adaptable!
*It is important to really use that awake time to try and keep your child awake. Play with them. Talk to them. Hold them. Run errands with them. Just about anything you can do will work, as long as you are bonding.
*Do some sort of routine that you keep the same in prep for bed. We always change Gib's diaper and snuggle him for a few minutes with the lights off before we put him in his bed. This helps him recognize that it is time to sleep.
*Do try to put your baby into their bed while awake. This will help them self soothe.
*Do try to have some sort of bedtime music, a fan, or a blanket that they can identify with bedtime We use a fan and a special soft blanket.
*Do not think that this is crazy. It's not, it works for me and I get compliments from people all the time about how easy my kids are to baby-sit or have over to stay the night (thank you grandparents!). I usually write out a schedule for people and they always say how my kids stuck to that schedule and were very predictable because of it.
*Do not think you have to use this schedule. No, not at all! This is just something I wanted to put out there for people to see. I know mothers who don't put their children down until 9:00 p.m. I know mothers who rock their children to sleep. I know mothers who co-sleep. I know mothers who practice the baby-led scheduling where they try to listen to the baby's cues to tell the parents what is needed.

Whatever you decide, will be best for you.

Friday, April 26, 2013


I thought it was time I gave y'all an update on my weight.
Still a process, but it always has been with me.
My last post about my weight was March 22 and I had gained .6 and was sitting at 22.0 pounds lost.
I weighed in on March 29th and had lost 2.0 pounds that week and was sitting at 24.0 pounds lost.
Then I went on vacation and enjoyed the heck out of some Reese's peanut butter eggs and I had wine and beer and pizza. You know, vacation stuff.
So I gave myself a week off after vacation to just start back on track eating clean again.
I weighed in last week and was up 1.4 for a total of 22.6 pounds lost.
Not too bad for a vacation.
I weighed in today and lost 1.6 for 24.2 pounds lost!
Yeah! My goal is to hit that 25 pound mark next week.
Yes, some days it is slow and some days all I want to do is cram a piece of cake in my mouth, but I don't. I like feeling healthy and wearing cute clothes and that's why I'm sticking with it. Five pounds more and I think my knees and boobs will be able to handle running again...exciting! 
And then I took awkward pictures of myself in the bathroom where I work.
Judge all you want.
My legs don't actually look like that. These skinny jeans are actually and FINALLY just a smidge too big on my legs and hang in certain places. BOOM! 
This here was an accidental double leg shot. Both of my thighs made the picture and formed to look like one massive thigh.


Okay, so half of these pictures might be review for some of you if you follow the blog daily (oh please say you do!). But for those of you who are just seeing these pictures for the very first time, how dare you not read my blog more than once a week. I mean, seriously! I'm kind of a big deal.
Not really...but my kids think I am...maybe. Or maybe my kids think I'm only good for feeding them, taking them places, and bossing them around. While I am very good at all of those things, I want to be thought of as more than "Moooooooom" with an eye roll.
I will not stand for eye rolls!
Bouncing and playing. Then Gib decided he was SO over the family time.  
First soccer game= 3 goals for Caderyn. Woo! 
Wow. Whose kid is spoiled? 
Mr. Chunk-ito. 
The biggest and tastiest pasty EVAH! 
Papa Craig snuggles.  
Oh, so you CAN sit up? Really? Because for about two weeks now you've been refusing to sit up.
Waking up in the morning is so much fun! Especially when you've 360 degreed yourself for your starting position at bedtime. Then you get to kick and kick the side of the bed until Mom comes to get you.  
After bath photo sesh.  
Snarffle the Stuck Up Office Assistant.  
Skyping with Papa Jim. 
How Gibby would look with a yamaka. No, that's not part of a boob pad for a sports bra. Nope.  
Bet you don't know what he's doing RIGHT NOW? 
My dog child trying to become one with the couch.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I know, I know. I'm super lame right now.
We have been busy just keeping routine...and that's not nearly interesting enough to post on here. Get up. Have coffee. Eat breakfast. Read. Clean a little. Wake up and feed kids. Go to daycare. Go to work. Pick up kids. Workout. Feed and clean kids. Put baby to bed. Clean. Spend time with oldest and then put him to bed. Collapse into bed. Aaaaaaaand repeat.
Sign me up for Real Housewives!
On top of our monotonous routine, I haven't been feeling super hot lately. I went to the doctor today and had some bloooooooood (say it like that) drawn so hopefully I can figure out what's going on sometime tomorrow.
Sidenote: The guy drawing my blood decided he wanted to use a baby needle on me. I professed my love for him (totally platonic, we're both married) because baby needles really love my red headed, fair skinned veins. It was the fastest blood draw of my life and I didn't have to sit any longer than a few minutes after because I wasn't light headed. Woo.

But, cause I know you're foaming at the mouth in anticipation on updates about my life (oh man), I just rolled my eyes when I typed that) here are some things I was able to come up with.


Gibby learned to wave this week. It is very cute.
This little Gabriel is so much his own little man. About two weeks ago, he decided he had just HAD IT with sitting up on his own. He would throw himself dramatically down and just suck his fingers contently. I was starting to get a little worried that maybe something was going on with him and then HUZZAH he sat up for 30 minutes on his own today. Don't believe me? Good, because I took a picture:
Hopefully this was just a stubborn little phase and we can get this kiddo sitting up all the time and crawling.
 This man is STARVING! He pretty much has a panic attack if you aren't getting the food into his mouth with lightning speed. He has also started eating some of those Puffs...he's not too sure about them and makes funny faces, but he eats them.
I'm going to try and make a chore chart for Caderyn today or tomorrow. That boy is slow as molasses in the mornings no matter how early I get him up. He wants to sit and talk and talk and then get up and play and it takes him 2 hours to eat his danged breakfast. I'm tired of saying, "We're not talking anymore until you're finished eating," because guuuuuuuuys that just sounds so mean. I'm tired of sounding like bossy mossy (I just made that up) in the mornings. I am positive and hopeful this will help. More on that later.
Caderyn has really gotten into active imagination play lately. It is so funny to watch him play with his toys or another little friend. He is very creative and silly!
This kiddo also loves to dance. Loves it! Which is great because I do too and sometimes you just have to stop what you're doing and shake those hips!
My buddy is also really obsessed with soccer. He pretty much loves it and talks about scoring goals and giving high fives all of the time. When I was his age, I just wanted that snack after the game. Dunkaroos anyone?

Lucy loves the sunshine. She is back to her yard lounging with a vengeance.
She wishes I walked her more. It just isn't quite warm enough to load the boys up and go outside when we get home at the end of the day. As soon as it warms up just a little more we will be putting tons of miles on the ground.
She has been on a diet for a week, and, by diet, I mean I feed her less food. She HATES it.
She is my office buddy today and keeps giving me looks where I can almost hear what she is thinking, like, "When is she going to quit working and take me outside?"
And then she would fart and stink up my ENTIRE office (thank goodness I work alone) and then I had to take her outside because I was going to barf if I didn't. Dog toots are the worst.
And me
Well...not too much is new.
I paid off my Subaru today. Woo! That's a pretty big deal.
I've been reading a lot, which is pretty normal for me.
I'm loving having my own room (golly it sounds like I'm a teenager).
I've been enjoying a bite of dark chocolate each day and for some reason the rich taste makes me really want s'mores. Oh s'mores!
I'm super tired all of the time and my throat has been hurting for about three weeks. It isn't strep. Hopefully I know what the heck is going on.
We got a really good tax return this year. I bought my first swim suit in five years and a new pair of shoes for work. I'm set!
Happy Thursday friends!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013


As Friday neared last week, I was less than enthused about the upcoming weekend.
Usually, I am bounding around on Fridays, so glad my week is over and there is some time for rest.
But, with Jeff being gone for FTX (military mountain man training thingy) and no one to really hang out with or any plans made, I just kind of felt like this weekend was going to be blah.

But, as always, I prove myself wrong.

Friday I rented some movies for the boys and I to watch. Hey parents, those Lego Star Wars movies are pretty dang good!
Then, after I picked those two sweet monkeys up from daycare I called a pizza delivery place and ordered a pizza. I try to time it so it arrives within minutes after getting home. My timing was pretty spot on, and the pizza arrived not even 10 minutes after getting home.
Caderyn and I ate and then a knock on our door presented the first of two visits that occurred that night.
A good friend and her two kids showed up. The company was SO welcome! We ate pizza, the adults drank some wine, we talked about life and watched our kids play together.
Then, after my friend and her kiddies left, another friend arrived and more wine was drunk and lots of conversation happened.
It was so nice, considering I hadn't really planned on anyone coming over. I thought I'd be in my sweats and sans bra (oh yeah) by like 7:30 p.m.
No siree. That was not the case. My house wasn't clear of guests until 10:00 p.m. and all the while I kept thinking, "Man, Sarah, I'm so glad you didn't change right when you got home. That would have been super embarrassing with the whole no bra thing and the sweatpants with the holes."
So then I shuffled a very tired Caderyn to bed and crawled onto the couch where I tried to watch my movie, "Django Unchained" and failed miserably, falling asleep on the couch only 10 minutes in. Three pretty full glasses of wine will do that to me.
Oh who am I kidding! I don't even need wine to fall asleep on the couch within 10 minutes.
I am so lameeeee( insert whiny voice here).
I woke up sometime around 1:30 a.m. and stumbled into bed.

The boys were up around 7:00 ish..which, on the weekends, is far too early if you ask me.
We had breakfast and played around the house for a little bit. I did a few cleaning things like throw in a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry, and sweep and mop my front entry.
Thrilling, I know.
A glimpse of our morning:
Bouncing. Oh loving bouncing! 
Oh these boys.
Then Gibby went down for a nap and Caderyn and I went out to do some yard work for an hour. We raked and weeded about 1/8th of our yard before the wind picked up and we really couldn't do anymore. My back and arms are still sore from just that hour of raking. Ouch.

Then it was time for Caderyn's first soccer game of the spring season. You guys! He rocked!
He scored three goals and had four assists! It was such a fun game and I know he had a good time. After the game we met some friends at our local frozen yogurt place, The Frozen Moose, and then went home for nap and quiet time.
I put the Giblet down for his nap, switched on a cartoon for the big kid and collapsed into my rocking chair to rest for about 30 minutes.
I seriously get a workout just getting those kids in and out of the house on a constant basis.
This is pretty much every single toy Caderyn owns just hanging out on my table.
Gibby ate three huge jars of food. What a chunker!

I had arranged for a babysitter for Saturday night, and once she got there I took off. I had no plans or expectations, I just wanted some time to myself. The first thing I did was stop at a new restaurant in town called Copperline Pasty and try one of their original pasty thingies.
Side conversation: I keep getting the pasty and pastie word confused. I have to concentrate super hard to get the correct word.
So I got this HUGE pasty (not pastie) that was bigger than my whole hand. It was stuffed full of steak and potatoes and just oozing with gravy inside this light, yet crunchy pastry crust. It was so very good, but I could only eat half of it.
Look at that monster! It was bigger than my hand...which didn't get into the picture.
From there I trucked over to Starbucks and bought myself a Salted Caramel cake pop and sat down for an hour and a half to read...uninterrupted. It was amazing!
Then I went to Target and tried on all of the shoes I'd been meaning to try on for weeks!
Then I got a call to meet some friends for a drink and one drink and some much needed laughter later I was back at home and asleep on the couch by 11:00 p.m.
Oh this life I lead! So thrilling I tell ya!

Sunday started off lazy. I made waffles in my fabulous waffle iron. We picked up the house a little bit. I had my neighbor girl come over for an hour while I went to Zumba.
By the time I got home my in laws had arrived and we got to work rearranging rooms in my house. We moved Caderyn into the room I was sharing with Gib and moved the master bedroom and furniture into what has always been Caderyn's room.
I just reached that point where I needed the privacy and I really think the boys will profit from sharing a room. At least until know where we're going to live and can buy a house.
Jeff's parents bought us lunch and had some good cuddle time with the boys.
Papa snuggles! Look at those rolly legs.

After my in laws left, the rest of the night was kind of blah. Caderyn and I had waffles for dinner after Gibby went to bed and then we snuggled and watched a show and read some books before Caderyn hit the pillow. I crawled into bed in my new room and kind of looked around in awe.

Then I fell asleep and here we are it's Monday!

Wasn't that riveting. It was! I know you feel it too!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Oh I am so glad it is Friday! So glad. So very glad.
I'm celebrating my Friday by grabbing some Thin Mint Ice Cream from the Big Dipper (after I weigh in of course) and pretty much cramming it in my face. Yep.
Since I'm alone this weekend, I made an effort to nab a baby-sitter for Saturday night. I don't have any plans, but I thought maybe I could do something with a friend or at least just go somewhere and read and have a coffee.
Here is our week in pictures.
Bathroom pictures of cute new shirts.
Tub pictures of a cute 10-month old.  
Gah! Nooooooooooo! 
Banana cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Found here.
Our lego collection. Caderyn is fascinated with them. We have a bunch more on the other side of the picture that you can't see, but this is what Caderyn was able to capture.  
Mother and son date to see Robin Hood at a local theater. Caderyn loved it! 
Aaaaaaah this evil meth deer is stalking me. He stalks me all week long. This is one of the deer who has a limb severely broken. He can't walk on his right front leg at all and he is just...mangy looking. He sits in my neighbors yard a looks at me, he walks in front of my kitchen window at 6:00 a.m. and looks at me, he camps out in my yard and just looks at me when I try to chase him out with a broom.  


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lately, I just haven't been myself.
I mean, I'm still here and all, going through the motions of my days, but I sometimes have felt like I'm on the outside looking in.
I feel a little empty in certain aspects of my life, while in others I feel completely fulfilled. How is this possible? I feel a little derailed...is that a word? It is now.
My kids are the world right now and they make me very happy. Frustrated (no way!?), but completely happy to the very core of my soul. I look forward to being the first person to see them wake up and give them kisses in the morning. They are my focus point for each and every choice I make in my life right now.
I hope, when they are grown, they will look back on this portion of our lives and really be thankful for their parents and sacrifices they made. I hope they will look back and really, truly know they had a mom who, despite being completely overwhelmed, loved them and wanted only the best for them.
And in honor of my love for them and the fact that Mother's Day is just right around the corner and I'm a pretty awesome mom, I have composed a short list of some Mother's Day gift suggestions...for someone who I know reads this blog frequently...and yet doesn't usually remember holidays...ahem ahem. Like Valentine's Day.
You know who you are.
1. A pedicure.
2. A bottle of wine (white) and a cupcake.
3. This shirt in the aqua color, size Large. I've had my eye on this for about two months now and I have tried it on. It sure is pretty and goes with my hair and skin tone very nicely. You can get it from Target.
4. One new piece of jewelry from my Silpada wishlist
5. A dinner and movie date that I don't really have to plan. I want everything taken care of by someone else.

Oh and a card. I love cards.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Since spring soccer has already started and Caderyn's first game is on Saturday. I thought I'd show you what his first ever soccer game (from Sept. 2012) looked like. It was pretty hilarious and he had no idea what was going on.
So far, two practices into this season, I think Caderyn is starting to get the hang of soccer.
Kind of.
This is a time of my/our lives I'm so excited about! I love little kid sports and the excitement they share in playing them...and getting snacks after...
Excuse any yelling you hear from me. I'm a cheer person! I like to cheer and hoot and holler!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My sweet Gibby.
Every time I look at you, my heart swells.
You are such a ray of sunshine in my life.
I look at you and can't believe you are only two months away from turning one.
Hair: Blondish-brown with a hint of curl at the ends. Your hair is not as crazy as Caderyn's was when he was a baby.
Eyes: Blue
Teeth: Two on the bottom. No new ones yet.
Weight: 22
Length: 30 inches

Eating. Holy smokes do you like eating! You pretty much love everything you eat, with the one exception of peas.
Drinking your bottle. The second you see it you get excited and start to panic if we don't give it to you right away.
You still adore sucking your two fingers on your right hand.
Being held and looking at everything.
Kicking your legs and squealing.
Being in your bouncer and bouncing until you can bounce no more.
Being noisy. You have recently started "singing."
Blowing raspeberries.
You love getting attention.
You love dancing.
Making toys fall over or spin.
Splashing in your tub.
Hollering at tub toys when they float away from you.
Snuggling. And by snuggling I mean we put you in bed with is and you smack us in the face until we wake up.
Being tickled or tossed in the air.
Listening to mommy sing to you.

You still dislike being tired. Oh you get so cranky if you're up past your bedtime!
Being ignored.
You are a morning pooper, usually when you first wake up. You dislike being in bed with a poop-filled diaper.
Still not a fan of tummy time.
Having to wait.
Rolling over
Pushing yourself up more while on your tummy.
Trying a few more solid-style foods.
Oh you are a momma's boy!
Mimicking faces.
Getting upset when a toy gets taken away.
Social personality. You love flirting and watching people.
You have mastered the cute head tilt.
Reaching for an object when you are sitting.
Scooting backwards.
Trying to stand more when someone is sitting down and holding you. You will push away from them and either sit on your knees or stand and bounce a little.
Focusing more on smaller objects and trying to grab or push them.
Saying "Ma ma ma ma" and "Na na na na."