Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My sweet Gibby.
Every time I look at you, my heart swells.
You are such a ray of sunshine in my life.
I look at you and can't believe you are only two months away from turning one.
Hair: Blondish-brown with a hint of curl at the ends. Your hair is not as crazy as Caderyn's was when he was a baby.
Eyes: Blue
Teeth: Two on the bottom. No new ones yet.
Weight: 22
Length: 30 inches

Eating. Holy smokes do you like eating! You pretty much love everything you eat, with the one exception of peas.
Drinking your bottle. The second you see it you get excited and start to panic if we don't give it to you right away.
You still adore sucking your two fingers on your right hand.
Being held and looking at everything.
Kicking your legs and squealing.
Being in your bouncer and bouncing until you can bounce no more.
Being noisy. You have recently started "singing."
Blowing raspeberries.
You love getting attention.
You love dancing.
Making toys fall over or spin.
Splashing in your tub.
Hollering at tub toys when they float away from you.
Snuggling. And by snuggling I mean we put you in bed with is and you smack us in the face until we wake up.
Being tickled or tossed in the air.
Listening to mommy sing to you.

You still dislike being tired. Oh you get so cranky if you're up past your bedtime!
Being ignored.
You are a morning pooper, usually when you first wake up. You dislike being in bed with a poop-filled diaper.
Still not a fan of tummy time.
Having to wait.
Rolling over
Pushing yourself up more while on your tummy.
Trying a few more solid-style foods.
Oh you are a momma's boy!
Mimicking faces.
Getting upset when a toy gets taken away.
Social personality. You love flirting and watching people.
You have mastered the cute head tilt.
Reaching for an object when you are sitting.
Scooting backwards.
Trying to stand more when someone is sitting down and holding you. You will push away from them and either sit on your knees or stand and bounce a little.
Focusing more on smaller objects and trying to grab or push them.
Saying "Ma ma ma ma" and "Na na na na."

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