Thursday, April 25, 2013


I know, I know. I'm super lame right now.
We have been busy just keeping routine...and that's not nearly interesting enough to post on here. Get up. Have coffee. Eat breakfast. Read. Clean a little. Wake up and feed kids. Go to daycare. Go to work. Pick up kids. Workout. Feed and clean kids. Put baby to bed. Clean. Spend time with oldest and then put him to bed. Collapse into bed. Aaaaaaaand repeat.
Sign me up for Real Housewives!
On top of our monotonous routine, I haven't been feeling super hot lately. I went to the doctor today and had some bloooooooood (say it like that) drawn so hopefully I can figure out what's going on sometime tomorrow.
Sidenote: The guy drawing my blood decided he wanted to use a baby needle on me. I professed my love for him (totally platonic, we're both married) because baby needles really love my red headed, fair skinned veins. It was the fastest blood draw of my life and I didn't have to sit any longer than a few minutes after because I wasn't light headed. Woo.

But, cause I know you're foaming at the mouth in anticipation on updates about my life (oh man), I just rolled my eyes when I typed that) here are some things I was able to come up with.


Gibby learned to wave this week. It is very cute.
This little Gabriel is so much his own little man. About two weeks ago, he decided he had just HAD IT with sitting up on his own. He would throw himself dramatically down and just suck his fingers contently. I was starting to get a little worried that maybe something was going on with him and then HUZZAH he sat up for 30 minutes on his own today. Don't believe me? Good, because I took a picture:
Hopefully this was just a stubborn little phase and we can get this kiddo sitting up all the time and crawling.
 This man is STARVING! He pretty much has a panic attack if you aren't getting the food into his mouth with lightning speed. He has also started eating some of those Puffs...he's not too sure about them and makes funny faces, but he eats them.
I'm going to try and make a chore chart for Caderyn today or tomorrow. That boy is slow as molasses in the mornings no matter how early I get him up. He wants to sit and talk and talk and then get up and play and it takes him 2 hours to eat his danged breakfast. I'm tired of saying, "We're not talking anymore until you're finished eating," because guuuuuuuuys that just sounds so mean. I'm tired of sounding like bossy mossy (I just made that up) in the mornings. I am positive and hopeful this will help. More on that later.
Caderyn has really gotten into active imagination play lately. It is so funny to watch him play with his toys or another little friend. He is very creative and silly!
This kiddo also loves to dance. Loves it! Which is great because I do too and sometimes you just have to stop what you're doing and shake those hips!
My buddy is also really obsessed with soccer. He pretty much loves it and talks about scoring goals and giving high fives all of the time. When I was his age, I just wanted that snack after the game. Dunkaroos anyone?

Lucy loves the sunshine. She is back to her yard lounging with a vengeance.
She wishes I walked her more. It just isn't quite warm enough to load the boys up and go outside when we get home at the end of the day. As soon as it warms up just a little more we will be putting tons of miles on the ground.
She has been on a diet for a week, and, by diet, I mean I feed her less food. She HATES it.
She is my office buddy today and keeps giving me looks where I can almost hear what she is thinking, like, "When is she going to quit working and take me outside?"
And then she would fart and stink up my ENTIRE office (thank goodness I work alone) and then I had to take her outside because I was going to barf if I didn't. Dog toots are the worst.
And me
Well...not too much is new.
I paid off my Subaru today. Woo! That's a pretty big deal.
I've been reading a lot, which is pretty normal for me.
I'm loving having my own room (golly it sounds like I'm a teenager).
I've been enjoying a bite of dark chocolate each day and for some reason the rich taste makes me really want s'mores. Oh s'mores!
I'm super tired all of the time and my throat has been hurting for about three weeks. It isn't strep. Hopefully I know what the heck is going on.
We got a really good tax return this year. I bought my first swim suit in five years and a new pair of shoes for work. I'm set!
Happy Thursday friends!

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