Friday, April 12, 2013


I know, I know. You're all wondering, "Sarah! What the heck? Where have you been lately?"
Well I was on vacation, then my phone broke and needed to be fixed, and then life just smacked me in the face and I've been trying to take care of some personal things.
C'est la vie.
But I'm back!
And here is what we've been doing.
Laughing at my baby with rooster hair. Seriously. Look at that mane! 
Laughing at a little babe who loves his tubs and holding his little man wink.  
Taking the kids to my work easter egg hunt. Oh Caderyn had so much fun and the weather was GORG!
Visiting family in Great Falls and letting my Grandma S have lots of snuggle time with the boys.  
Going to the Paris Gibson Easter Egg Hunt in Great Falls.
Making memories! 
Trying my first Moscow Mule and pretty much LOVING it.  
Celebrating Easter with family. Egg hunts and candy! 
Trying not to let the celebrity go to our heads when Caderyn made the front page of the newspaper. 
Getting good baby time while in Missoula with more family. 
Riding the carousel in Missoula with my big buddy.  
Getting sleepy, very sleepy. 
Being silly. Very silly. 
Being amazed at how my four-year-old can write his own name. 
Eating pancakes at Mema and Papa Craig's. 
Enjoying a Vanilla Stout.  
Enjoying this silly chunk.  
Coming back to work and finding this hammer stuck in the wall outside of my office. kids... 
Spending lots of time on the Lite Brite.  
Enjoying mornings.

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