Friday, April 26, 2013


Okay, so half of these pictures might be review for some of you if you follow the blog daily (oh please say you do!). But for those of you who are just seeing these pictures for the very first time, how dare you not read my blog more than once a week. I mean, seriously! I'm kind of a big deal.
Not really...but my kids think I am...maybe. Or maybe my kids think I'm only good for feeding them, taking them places, and bossing them around. While I am very good at all of those things, I want to be thought of as more than "Moooooooom" with an eye roll.
I will not stand for eye rolls!
Bouncing and playing. Then Gib decided he was SO over the family time.  
First soccer game= 3 goals for Caderyn. Woo! 
Wow. Whose kid is spoiled? 
Mr. Chunk-ito. 
The biggest and tastiest pasty EVAH! 
Papa Craig snuggles.  
Oh, so you CAN sit up? Really? Because for about two weeks now you've been refusing to sit up.
Waking up in the morning is so much fun! Especially when you've 360 degreed yourself for your starting position at bedtime. Then you get to kick and kick the side of the bed until Mom comes to get you.  
After bath photo sesh.  
Snarffle the Stuck Up Office Assistant.  
Skyping with Papa Jim. 
How Gibby would look with a yamaka. No, that's not part of a boob pad for a sports bra. Nope.  
Bet you don't know what he's doing RIGHT NOW? 
My dog child trying to become one with the couch.

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