Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lately, I just haven't been myself.
I mean, I'm still here and all, going through the motions of my days, but I sometimes have felt like I'm on the outside looking in.
I feel a little empty in certain aspects of my life, while in others I feel completely fulfilled. How is this possible? I feel a little that a word? It is now.
My kids are the world right now and they make me very happy. Frustrated (no way!?), but completely happy to the very core of my soul. I look forward to being the first person to see them wake up and give them kisses in the morning. They are my focus point for each and every choice I make in my life right now.
I hope, when they are grown, they will look back on this portion of our lives and really be thankful for their parents and sacrifices they made. I hope they will look back and really, truly know they had a mom who, despite being completely overwhelmed, loved them and wanted only the best for them.
And in honor of my love for them and the fact that Mother's Day is just right around the corner and I'm a pretty awesome mom, I have composed a short list of some Mother's Day gift suggestions...for someone who I know reads this blog frequently...and yet doesn't usually remember holidays...ahem ahem. Like Valentine's Day.
You know who you are.
1. A pedicure.
2. A bottle of wine (white) and a cupcake.
3. This shirt in the aqua color, size Large. I've had my eye on this for about two months now and I have tried it on. It sure is pretty and goes with my hair and skin tone very nicely. You can get it from Target.
4. One new piece of jewelry from my Silpada wishlist
5. A dinner and movie date that I don't really have to plan. I want everything taken care of by someone else.

Oh and a card. I love cards.

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Kelly Smith said...

I feel the same way. I am trying to find inspiration for a post for tomorrow. I try and write about something that gives me hope and makes me feel good-fresh start friday. But I am also feeling lackluster. How do we snap out of this? How do we move past the fact that our lives are not ideal right now. How do we find happiness in the right now?