Monday, April 22, 2013


As Friday neared last week, I was less than enthused about the upcoming weekend.
Usually, I am bounding around on Fridays, so glad my week is over and there is some time for rest.
But, with Jeff being gone for FTX (military mountain man training thingy) and no one to really hang out with or any plans made, I just kind of felt like this weekend was going to be blah.

But, as always, I prove myself wrong.

Friday I rented some movies for the boys and I to watch. Hey parents, those Lego Star Wars movies are pretty dang good!
Then, after I picked those two sweet monkeys up from daycare I called a pizza delivery place and ordered a pizza. I try to time it so it arrives within minutes after getting home. My timing was pretty spot on, and the pizza arrived not even 10 minutes after getting home.
Caderyn and I ate and then a knock on our door presented the first of two visits that occurred that night.
A good friend and her two kids showed up. The company was SO welcome! We ate pizza, the adults drank some wine, we talked about life and watched our kids play together.
Then, after my friend and her kiddies left, another friend arrived and more wine was drunk and lots of conversation happened.
It was so nice, considering I hadn't really planned on anyone coming over. I thought I'd be in my sweats and sans bra (oh yeah) by like 7:30 p.m.
No siree. That was not the case. My house wasn't clear of guests until 10:00 p.m. and all the while I kept thinking, "Man, Sarah, I'm so glad you didn't change right when you got home. That would have been super embarrassing with the whole no bra thing and the sweatpants with the holes."
So then I shuffled a very tired Caderyn to bed and crawled onto the couch where I tried to watch my movie, "Django Unchained" and failed miserably, falling asleep on the couch only 10 minutes in. Three pretty full glasses of wine will do that to me.
Oh who am I kidding! I don't even need wine to fall asleep on the couch within 10 minutes.
I am so lameeeee( insert whiny voice here).
I woke up sometime around 1:30 a.m. and stumbled into bed.

The boys were up around 7:00 ish..which, on the weekends, is far too early if you ask me.
We had breakfast and played around the house for a little bit. I did a few cleaning things like throw in a load of laundry, fold a load of laundry, and sweep and mop my front entry.
Thrilling, I know.
A glimpse of our morning:
Bouncing. Oh loving bouncing! 
Oh these boys.
Then Gibby went down for a nap and Caderyn and I went out to do some yard work for an hour. We raked and weeded about 1/8th of our yard before the wind picked up and we really couldn't do anymore. My back and arms are still sore from just that hour of raking. Ouch.

Then it was time for Caderyn's first soccer game of the spring season. You guys! He rocked!
He scored three goals and had four assists! It was such a fun game and I know he had a good time. After the game we met some friends at our local frozen yogurt place, The Frozen Moose, and then went home for nap and quiet time.
I put the Giblet down for his nap, switched on a cartoon for the big kid and collapsed into my rocking chair to rest for about 30 minutes.
I seriously get a workout just getting those kids in and out of the house on a constant basis.
This is pretty much every single toy Caderyn owns just hanging out on my table.
Gibby ate three huge jars of food. What a chunker!

I had arranged for a babysitter for Saturday night, and once she got there I took off. I had no plans or expectations, I just wanted some time to myself. The first thing I did was stop at a new restaurant in town called Copperline Pasty and try one of their original pasty thingies.
Side conversation: I keep getting the pasty and pastie word confused. I have to concentrate super hard to get the correct word.
So I got this HUGE pasty (not pastie) that was bigger than my whole hand. It was stuffed full of steak and potatoes and just oozing with gravy inside this light, yet crunchy pastry crust. It was so very good, but I could only eat half of it.
Look at that monster! It was bigger than my hand...which didn't get into the picture.
From there I trucked over to Starbucks and bought myself a Salted Caramel cake pop and sat down for an hour and a half to read...uninterrupted. It was amazing!
Then I went to Target and tried on all of the shoes I'd been meaning to try on for weeks!
Then I got a call to meet some friends for a drink and one drink and some much needed laughter later I was back at home and asleep on the couch by 11:00 p.m.
Oh this life I lead! So thrilling I tell ya!

Sunday started off lazy. I made waffles in my fabulous waffle iron. We picked up the house a little bit. I had my neighbor girl come over for an hour while I went to Zumba.
By the time I got home my in laws had arrived and we got to work rearranging rooms in my house. We moved Caderyn into the room I was sharing with Gib and moved the master bedroom and furniture into what has always been Caderyn's room.
I just reached that point where I needed the privacy and I really think the boys will profit from sharing a room. At least until know where we're going to live and can buy a house.
Jeff's parents bought us lunch and had some good cuddle time with the boys.
Papa snuggles! Look at those rolly legs.

After my in laws left, the rest of the night was kind of blah. Caderyn and I had waffles for dinner after Gibby went to bed and then we snuggled and watched a show and read some books before Caderyn hit the pillow. I crawled into bed in my new room and kind of looked around in awe.

Then I fell asleep and here we are it's Monday!

Wasn't that riveting. It was! I know you feel it too!

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