Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Caderyn is obsessed with superheroes right now. He loves them.
He pretends to be a different one every day. On Monday he was Spiderman. He ran around the house shooting webs out of his hands and leaping onto extremely tall couch-buildings. At one point, I had to pretend to be captured by Lucy so he could swoop in and save me.
Yesterday he was Hulk. This proved a little more difficult due to the fact that he would walk past something and holler, "Hulk smash!" before knocking it on the ground. Clean and folded clothes, water and pillows were among some of the unlucky victims before Mom stepped in.
After that he dubbed me, "Mommy Hulk," to which I wasn't really sure if I should have been flattered or offended.
I went with it anyway.
So there I was, Mommy Hulk, just scooting around the house picking things up when all of the sudden, my son, The Hulk gets up from coloring at the table and rushes into the bathroom.

Caderyn: The Hulk has to go potty. He sits on it like a grown up.

And just how is everyone doing today? My day started off pretty amazing...
Gib woke up with an explosive poop that traveled out of his diaper, all over his bed and covered his cute little onesie from the front of his neck to his back. Good visual for you? How about the entire WHITE onesie was BROWN. Not one spot on it was white.
So I mom'd up (a term I like to use in place of the phrase "man up") hooked my hands under his arm pits and marched him in to the bathroom at arms length.
I placed him and his squishy outfit on a towel and stood back a little to assess the situation.
There was no way I would be able to get him out of that onesie without more poop getting spread around, so, I did what any normal mom would do in my situation.
I cut him out of it with scissors and then tossed that kid in the tub.


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