Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Thanks to everyone for their kind words today, it made us feel very loved.
Gabriel had his MRI today and everything appeared to be normal--which is great!
They drew some blood and sent it to the lab, so we will see the results from those in a few days.
Before the MRI we were dealing with an extremely hungry and tired little guy, so we took some pictures to try and keep him occupied. He sure liked the attention.
He did really good through it all. He did scream A LOT and it was really, really loud. *sigh*
Next up is a meeting with a pediatric physical therapist and the trip to Spokane next week to meet with the pediatric neurologist.
On a positive note, Gabriel has all of the sudden started rolling! He doesn't do it a lot but when he gets going he GOES!
And we had our first extreme facial injury this weekend. He clocked the corner of a coffee table while practicing standing. It looks like it hurts!
All of this bed for meeeeee? 
Helping the nurse check vitals 
Wrestling with Daddy before the MRI 
Snuggles (which I clearly enjoy more than him) before heading down with the nurses

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The McGregor Clan said...

Glad he did well throughout the test. I saw his face! Poor guy! Hope PT goes well and I've been praying for you all. Love ya from across the country!!