Friday, May 3, 2013


Good bye April, hello May!
I'm glad it is Friday. This week was kind of a downer because we all got sickie-poo.
Thankfully, SO SO SO THANKFULLY, I called my mother-in-law in a panic on Wednesday morning and talked very fast (which normally happens when I'm nervous about asking for something. I hate asking, I always feel so guilty). I moaned about how the boys were STILL sick and I could not miss work Thursday or Friday of this week. And you know what? My mother-in-law, she is a gem, she rearranged her work schedule and came in to watch the boys yesterday and then ended up staying the night and is watching them today.
California, 2011
I am so lucky to have them in my life.
Poor Gibby is still running a fever. He's had a fever for three days now?! Poor bug. He did give us some smiles today, so I think he is on the mend (fingers crossed).
Caderyn is good. He probably could have gone back to daycare today, but he just adores his Mema and there is simply nothing in the world that would make him want to leave if she is in town.
And me, I took this week off from my healthy eating (kind of). I'm human and sometimes when your kids are sick and crying and you haven't showered in two days and you, yourself feel like poo, you just have to eat that cupcake and then go buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream (amazing) and eat it while watching Game of Thrones (S2) and then maybe have a second cupcake while watching...Gossip Girl.
To counter the above admission of craptastic television, we did watch a really good documentary about ballet dancers last night. It was called "First Position" and it was amazing! After watching I may have walked around on my toes for 20 minutes and tried a few leaps.
But I'm getting way off topic.
Here is a review of our week:
Last Friday the weather was so gorgeous I brought Lucy with me to work in the afternoon and ran her around the campus twice that day. She was so happy and tired. But then she morphed into a whiny brat when she had to come back inside. She ripped a few really nasty dog toots too. NOT OKAY.  
Blowing bubbles in the tub 
Watching brother's soccer game in the backpack. Gib blew raspberries the entire game and Jeff's neck was soaking. It was pretty funny.  
This is Kevin. Kevin is my second cousin. Kevin went to high school with Jeff. Kevin is married to my friend Kyla. Kyla is my Zumba bud. Kevin and Kyla just bought a house a block away from us. Lucy is pretty much infatuated with Kevin. This is a pretty common scene when he is over. Notice how she plants herself between Kevin and Kyla.  
Touch your toes! 
Jeff doing the dishes. It is so nice to have help around the house.  
We took Caderyn to this Train Expo on Sunday. He got a new train and was pretty dang happy.  
Hi ho, hi ho, back to the doctor we go. 
Oh man, where do I begin? 
Sickie snuggles 
Gibby Skype 
Here is Gib checking on my from his bouncer while I make dinner. He would panic if he couldn't see me, poor little guy.  
This was the morning Gib woke up covered in poop. He was so mad about having to be cut out of his onesie (not the one pictured-gross) and put in the tub.  
Lots of tubs this week to try and soothe this little guy.

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