Friday, May 10, 2013


Another week is in the books!
Nothing super amazing about this week (aside from me just being my fantastic self).
Caderyn was pretty great this week, Gibby wasn't.
Ear infection. Boo.
I fought an epic battle with a gigantic spider in my kitchen.
It lost.
I also bravely battled that stupid meth deer that keeps showing up in our yard. I successfully chased him out about six times this week without looking too crazy...
And that's about it.
My happy helper in the office 
Um. Yes. This was DELICIOUS.  
Making Mother's Day crafts for family 
Big toofy (teeth) smile! 
Nutella banana crepe for Caderyn,,,which I ate half of.  
The best breakfast sammie in town, from The Dive. 
Gibby hanging out with Great-Grandma in the tent during soccer
My car washer 
Trying to get this kid to crawl. He flips over and will just set up camp laying on his back, so we're trying to force him onto his tummy more 
My flirty pants 
Have a lovely weekend!

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