Monday, May 6, 2013


Yesterday, the clouds cleared, the rain dried up, and glorious sunshine came out to play.
It felt so wonderful to be warm.

When Gabriel went down for his nap, Caderyn and I nearly flew outside within seconds of Gibby's head touching the pillow.

We had work to do. I was going to pick up the rest of the dog poop (that dog has the life I tell ya) and then I was going to rake until my arms fell off. Caderyn was my assistant.

About 30 minutes into my raking and tree trimming, I noticed Caderyn was no longer shadowing my every move. I reacted like a normal mother and had a small heart attack.
I called his name, no answer.
I put down my rake, took off my gloves and grabbed my phone.
I did a quick loop around my yard, walked around the corner of my house and saw this scene:
Caderyn, my helper, decided that the car looked dirty. So he, all by himself, got a bucket and filled it up with water. He got rags from our rag bag. He pulled out that step ladder and set it up.
The he started washing the car.
I had one of those moments, where I swore I felt my heart swell in pride. My chest hurt with the amount of love and respect I felt for that little boy.
He scrubbed that car until his little neck was slightly sunburned and then he hopped down and pretended to be Spiderman the rest of the afternoon--my yard was so safe!
In this one picture, I can look at that boy and know he will grow up to be a good kid and an even better man. He loves to help and to work and he knows his assistance is appreciated.
My car was shiny clean today!

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