Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Recently I purchased:
1. My first swimsuit in FIVE years. I love it.
2. The middle nude/beige color pair of shoes for work.
3. This shirt.
Yep. I bought that. It is super comfy and nerdy.
Recently I made:
1. Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas
Eh. They were only so so. Not as much flavor as I had expected.
2. Mississippi Roast
Um, hello easy! Jeff loved it.
3. Smothered Chicken
Super, super good!
Recently I have:
1. Been tentatively planning a trip here:
With part of our tax refund money, we are hoping to surprise Caderyn (and celebrate Jeff's graduation) by taking a trip to Legoland. I compared prices with Disneyland and Legoland and was really impressed with what we would get at Legoland for the price. I am hopeful we can go in December and am pinching pennies!
2. Been dreaming of traveling:
Isle of Sky, Scotland
If someone came up to me today and said, "I'm going to pay to send you anywhere in the world, but you have to decide in ONE minute where to go," I wouldn't even hesitate on my decision. I want to go to Scotland SO SO SO SO much it hurts! I want to hike and go to all of the castles and the pubs. I want to have a crazy fun time with some crazy fun locals! Oh I want to go so much!
3. Been impatient for:
Can my huge lilac bush just bloom already? I miss the smell and the color.
4. Been enjoying:
Oh yum!
Normally I am not a Red Velvet fan, but when it is CAKE and when it is mixed with ICE CREAM and also includes little chunks of cream cheese FROSTING. Dude, that's like...that's like my napalm and there is NO GOING BACK. 
And now you are all a little more enlightened on my life.  

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