Friday, June 14, 2013


I can't believe it has been three weeks since we saw the neurologist in Spokane.
Since that visit, I think it would be okay to say that we have been very overwhelmed with everything.

People ask us stuff about him, but we honestly still don't know what is going on with him. I think we have a long road ahead of us and we really just need to keep going one day at a time.

Gabriel has good days and he has bad days. On good days he is super happy and social and screams only on occasion. On bad days I don't really leave the house and mentally retreat into my happy place while Gabriel screams and screams. These are ear piercing screams that continue every 5-15 minutes. Usually this happens because he wants to be by me, he is overwhelmed, he is overstimulated, he is hungry or he is tired. The list goes on.

As a parent it is so hard to sit there and see your child struggle and vent their unhappiness in such a way. All I want to do is hold him and not leave him, but then nothing would get done around my house and Caderyn's needs would go unattended.
Some days I feel like I am amazing in my multi-tasking and then there are days when I feel like I am a complete failure. I have learned pretty quickly to just go with it. If he starts to meltdown and we are somewhere, we leave. If he screams, but isn't upset, just excited, we just let him screech. We don't go out a lot. We usually just stick pretty close to home and I try to run errands during my lunch break or on my way to get them from daycare.

Gabriel has been going to therapies for a full two weeks now and already I feel like there are some amazing changes.

He is sitting up almost completely unassisted right now. He does throw himself back on occasion, but it isn't as often as it was before. He is more engaged in playing with toys. He is using his left hand more and grabbing more with an open palm than he was 3-4 weeks ago. Before, he would just slap at the toys or try to pick things up with his thumb and pointer finger. Now we notice that he is grasping and holding much better. He plays with his feet more, he rolls everywhere, and he holds his bottle now. All of this he wasn't doing 3-4 weeks ago.

And the BIG thing this week was that yesterday at occupational therapy he took a graham cracker from the therapist and ate the whole thing by himself. This is a HUGE deal you guys because he has refused to take food items into his hands and he pretty much refused all of the solids we try to feed him.

Like the big baby I am I cried. I was so happy to see him do that and to enjoy it I could hardly contain the emotions that came over me. He looked so normal in that moment and so happy to be eating such a tasty treat.

We had a social worker from a program called Family Outreach come to our home this week. She talked with us, brought us advocacy information and did an evaluation of Gabriel. She told is that Gabriel's case will go before an evaluation panel, but that she thought we would qualify for state/government assistance with therapies, help at home, purchasing developmental toys etc. This was really great to hear and I had no idea we had these options!

And now, what you have all been waiting for--THE PICTURES
Big guy sitting up! 
Celebrating Jeff's 30th birthday around his new fire pit.  
Look at him hold this bottle! 
I'm going to like doing this during the summer! 
Calm before the storm.

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