Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I usually save these posts for Fridays, but I've been so off lately in my crazy little world I at least wanted to give you all something nice and happy to look at.
We are doing fair this week. Gabriel has started 2 out of 3 therapies. I will write more about those later.
But for now--only the good stuff. Pictures of our lives.
We took the boys to the Art Walk a couple weeks ago and started out at the Blackfoot Brewery for a beer. Caderyn attacked their popcorn machine and inhaled three full bowls of popcorn in less that five minutes. I wasn't even mad...I was impressed.  
Flirty little lover pants. 
Caderyn was super excited about getting a hot dog for dinner.
I don't touch those things. 
A boy and his bath. 
First major face owie.  
Gymnastics= joy 
My brother came to town for a night. Lots of shenanigans happened. Not really. We went to breakfast and goofed around.
We are both sooooooooo social.
Taylor made fun of me because I was feeding the birds.
Caderyn's first shiner. 
A corgi and her uncle. 
Rainy, misty morning walks.  
How I can tell its raining.  
Driving to Missoula for the weekend and what do we pass on the highway? A plane. A yellow plane just driving down the highway. This was the best picture I could get...while driving... 
Silly faces 
BONUS cute is this.

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