Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Not too much going on here. I'm still slowly working on a redesign of my blog with some help. It's coming, I promise! I have some planned posts coming up here in a bit, but I just need to figure out how I want to write them. So, until I am able to get my words in order, I give you...some pictures.
Visiting family in Great Falls two weeks ago we had a crepe party. IT WAS DELICIOUS.  
This kid screamed the whole trip home from Great Falls...unless we were looking at him and then he was a goof. 
Evening walks are my sanity with these two.   
Caderyn got to come and have lunch with me last week. He chose Applejacks cereal and ice cream (I did make him eat some broccoli). He was my buddy. He though he was pretty cool getting to eat lunch with all of the college football players. He kept asking if they were watching him eat his broccoli...I might have told him they were really impressed with how he ate the broccoli and how his muscles grew. The things we parents do. 
Lucy has not been enjoying the heat.  
Gib has been practicing standing. 
Gib has also decided he will feed himself from the squeezy pouches now.  
My heart! 
Date night with mom to go and see Shrek at the local theater.

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