Friday, August 9, 2013


Miles and miles and miles of wheat fields on the way to Bozeman.  
Stopping in Bozeman to take Caderyn to the Museum of the Rockies and eat dinner at Olive Garden with Jeff's brother and fiancee.  
A blurry picture but an example of how excited Caderyn was to be there. He could not sit still and bounced around from exhibit to exhibit using words like, "Oh wow!" and "How neat!" 
Caderyn says, "Look Mommy the dinosaur is giving a piggyback ride. " 
Goofing on in the Exploration Room
Mountains. I love mountains.
Someone was wiped out and slept in the next morning.   
Woe be-ith me 
Huge evil meth deer that charged at me and then Jeff chased him out of the yard with a shovel.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

I still have you all in my prayers. Its so fun to read your blog and see the house. I know exactly where Mr. Meth Deer is hanging out. Its such a shame that they are there and cause you so much strife. I know how much fun it was to play outside there and not have some crazy deer chasing you around.