Friday, September 6, 2013


Day two in Spokane looked like this:
What's that? You don't see anything? Well that's because on Saturday I woke up and was whisked away to the doctor by my (reluctant *ahem*) husband who wasn't sure the trip in would be beneficial since it was probably just a virus. But oh no. After an hour of waiting and about 20 minutes with the actual doctor I had strep throat. Hurrah!
So I took no pictures that day because I basically got my prescription and went home to bed. Jeff and his parents took the kids to the Carroll College football game, but I stayed home and watched Indiana Jones and slept.
On to day three:
I was able to get up and moving around noon and, according to the doctor, I wouldn't be contagious after a full 24 hours of antibiotics. So we all got ready and took the kids down to the Riverfront Expo Park in downtown Spokane. You will notice I am not in the pictures. I pretty much stayed away from my kids all weekend in hopes that they wouldn't get sick, and as a result I took all of the pictures!
Papa Craig snuggles 
Still in pajamas at lunch time 
I was trying to get some photos of the house we stayed in. The result was a rather ethereal shot of my mother-in-law in the kitchen.  
Lego time with Dad.  
Nap hair 
The Wagon Park! Oh the wagon park! How we love the wagon park.  
Gibby being cute at the carousel. Sorry for the dark pictures, my photo corrector won't work.  
I would like to state for the record that Caderyn pretty much won king of the bouncy slide. He would rush up and then rush down over and over again. He overtook kids on the ladder up and passed them without even batting an eye. He had a blast.  
The airplane ride was at the top of favorites for Caderyn. 
This picture makes me a little sad. His tics were really bad this day and his poor neck was bothering him. Here he is trying to hold on to his neck so it won't move. Poor guy. More on that later.  
Sky view 
Mr. Piggy Pants discovered that he LOVED noodles. He was actually covered from his chin down and I only thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of him after we'd cleaned up most of the mess.
This kid LOVES food. 

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