Thursday, September 5, 2013


This is pretty much what that first day looked like:
We stopped in Wallace, ID for dinner and to walk around. It was a very cute town set right up against gorgeous mountains and trees.
I only took two pictures. That's how awful I was feeling.
The first one is a photo of the main downtown area. I was trying to show just how close these mountains were. We stopped for dinner at a place called The Smoke House. And it was very good and the service was great.
I ordered myself a beer in hopes that the alcohol would help disinfect whatever was going on in my throat, Seriously, I had that thought! I ordered a Dirty Blonde Pale Ale that was from the local Wallace Brewery.
C'est tres bon!
After dinner we walked around a little bit, but I was pretty miserable so I didn't take any pictures.
I know, I'm the life of the party!
But if anyone is ever driving by Wallace, I highly suggest the quick detour. Very sweet town, nice people and some really fun places to stop and eat/shop!

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