Monday, September 16, 2013


About a month ago we started a positive reinforcement tactic with Caderyn. I got the idea from a friend's blog. We basically have an empty jar that we have named the "Yes" jar. Every time Caderyn does something positive, like doing all of his chores without being asked, doing something the first time when asked, or just all around being a good kid he gets to put a penny in this jar. We also used this jar to combat one of his tics where he was sticking his tongue out all of the time.

We have drawn line markers on the jar and once the pennies fill up enough to get to a level, Caderyn will get a reward. The ultimate reward is going to be a Spiderman costume for Halloween--he asks about it multiple times on a daily basis.

So there's a little background leading up to this conversation we had.

Me: Caderyn pick up your toys and put away your dishes so we can go.
(Please note I wasn't really looking at what he was doing when I asked him this) A few minutes go by
Me: Caderyn! Pick up your toys and put away your dishes now. That is the second time I've asked you so you need to take a penny out of your jar.
Caderyn: But Mommy...
Me: Caderyn, do not argue with me or you lose another penny.
(At this point I've walked into the room and see he has picked up his toys, his dishes are in the sink and he is dressed and ready to go)
Me: Oh! Mommy wasn't paying attention. Good job buddy! I needed to pay attention! You don't have to take a penny out of your jar, here are TWO pennies for your jar.
Caderyn: Mommy, you have to take some pennies out of your jar because you weren't being very nice to me.
Me: Don't push your luck.


Cloudy Day Gray said...

I love this. We have had that same conversation before. I love that you are using my suggestion and better yet that it is working for you. It has been working for us as well. I am proud of that. And of you guys.

Mandz said...

He is so cute!