Friday, September 20, 2013


The first couple picture will just confirm my inner fat kid.
Two weeks ago I got to go to a Pampered Chef Party. I don't get to go out a lot y'all, so this was a big deal. While at the party we made THIS decadent and super, super rich dessert as a party team! It was a chocolate s'mores cake. It was good, but my teeth hurt after from all the sweet.  
Pinterest WIN! Crockpot Ravioli was super good.  
This kid cracks me up...butt seriously... he is so cheeky.
 How all the cool kids sit.
Some mornings I walk into my kitchen and I could swear it is a scene from Twilight Zone 
Caderyn is going to get his tonsils out in December. While waiting for the doctor he struck a pose as a "Bubblegum Tree" 
"Wash my hair!" 
Like a majestic lioness she regally maintains order upon her cemented stoop. 

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